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The practice of meditation has been around since ancient times, but is now even more accessible than ever. You can achieve balance, calm, clarity and spiritual awakening through the wonders of Skype. 

The secret to the success of Skype Meditation is that you can stay at comfort of your own home or office, wherever you are and have private meditation practices depending on your specific needs. 

It is often very difficult to attend suitable meditation class, retreat or workshop, because that needs lot of time, preparation and energy. However, with Skype you can learn and do your meditation at home or office with flexible schedule.

Through one-to-one meditation training, initiation and guidance you can have the meditation programs at your home or office. Dr. Ray makes every class of  meditation as effective as possible and not compromising the values of the ancient wisdom traditions.

Dr. Amit Ray provides meditation training programs on Skype in the following FIVE areas:

1. Om Mantra Initiation and Om Inner Science Meditation

2. Om Mantra Initiation and Om Cosmic Flower Meditation

3. Vipassana Meditation and Emotional Intelligence

4. Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief

5. Compassion Meditation for Peace and Harmony


A Skype meditation sessions are typically 45 mins to 60 mins long. During the online meditation session you will have a chance to discuss meditation and meditative techniques as well as being given appropriate meditation guidance, advice and mentoring.

Who can attend?

Anyone interested in spiritual awakening, health, wellness and meditation in general is welcome to attend. People of all ages and all walks of life can attend these meditation workshops. People with specific mental or physical problems should consult their physicians.

Venue:  The Class will be on Skype Conference Call – Worldwide

Date: The exact date and time for this Skype Meditation class will be decided based on mutually convenient time and date for you and Dr. Ray.

First register, and then send an email to about the suitable time.

Program Fees and Registration:

These online  Skype Meditation workshops are donation based.

For details and registration click here.

Explore Meditation. Learn and practice the Inner Science of Meditation.

For further details, you can send email

Online Skype Meditation

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