12 Time Management Skills in Spiritual Life

Time management is your key to success in every front of life. If you want to achieve great things of life, then you need disciplines in almost everywhere in life, which includes physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual. It makes things easy for you to handle and, ultimately, brings success to your life.
It is best to practice discipline and time management from the early stages of your life. However, if you are late, you can start now. There is always some scope for improvement in discipline in life.
Discipline can give you the rules to live your life efficiently and effectively, with less wastage of time, effort and energy. The small sacrifices in the present moments can bring a better and comfortable life in the future.

What is Discipline?

Discipline is a way of being honest, hard-working, following some routines, motivated, and encouraged throughout the life. Moreover, time management creates habits, habits make routines, and routines lead to success. It makes the difference between winning and losing, between average and exceptional.

12 Time Management Skills

Time management is the backbone of spiritual life. Prepare the list of jobs that are to be done every morning. Prioritize your tasks.  Set the time to complete each of your tasks.

Time management is also includes your meditation, yoga exercises, food and sleep timings. In fact, the Stomach meridian is at its peak between 7:00 and 9:00am, making this the best time to have breakfast. The last meal of the day should be light and taken at least four hours before going to bed.

12 Time Management Skills

12 Time Management Skills

The 12 time management skills:

  1. Give an early start to the day: Start the day before 6:00 AM.
  2. Always have a to-do list: Make a priority list of three things to do. 
  3. Organize three short goals: Understand your short goals, don’t mix it with long goals. 
  4. Follow a time table: Strictly follow a routine of your 24 hours plan. Keep your food, prayer, yoga and meditation also on priority. 
  5. Do one task at a time: Stop doing multitasking, try to focus on one activity at a time. 
  6. Stay focused: Keep distractions at bay. Keep all destructing persons, thoughts, and activities away. 
  7. Make a habit to say “No”: Learn how to say “No” in many situations. 
  8. Give value to fitness: Do your daily exercises. 
  9. Send sort emails: Do not waste much time on emails. 
  10. Restrict social media involvements: Keep your social media activities under control. 
  11. Keep yourself motivated all the time. 
  12. Get enough sleep: Seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary for your body. Maintain the sleep wake cycle healthy. 

Do Everyday Karma Clearing:

In spiritual life karma clearing is very important. In our Ray 114 Chakra system there are five Krama Clearing practices. The five krama clearing kriyas involved clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral chakra, root chakra and the Spine. Learn the proper techniques of Karma clearing, without that you may not remove your deep fears of your subconscious mind.  Every day remove your negative thoughts and the past karmas and make your life happy, healthy and joyful.

Do Everyday Bhuta Shuddhi Kriya

The five elements purification is very important to get the higher blessings in life. Every day make some conscious connections with nature, with the earth, water, air, sun light, and the sky. Deeply realize everything in this world is Divine. Keep your environment clean, happy, healthy and joyful. Whatever, hatred has no place in spirituality.  In our Ray 114 Chakra System, the eight bhuta suddhi mantras are:

  1. Om Sri Ganeshya Namaha
  2. Om Sri Suryaya Narayana Namaha
  3. Om Prithivi Devaaya Namaha
  4. Om Varuna Devaaya Namaha
  5. Om Agni Devaaya Namaha 
  6. Om Vayu Devaaya Namaha
  7. Om Antarikshaya Namaha.
  8. Om Nama Sri Uma Ptaya Namaha.
“Bhuta suddhi means realizing that everything in this world is divine. It is the way to remove all the hatred and negative things from the mind and connecting with the Divine Source.” – Sri Amit Ray

Bhuta suddhi is not a ritual, but a way to bring balance and harmony in your Ojas, Tejas and Prana energies. Bhuta suddhi brings balance in matter, energy and consciousness. It brings tranquility, calmness and peacefulness in the mind. You can chant and meditate on these eight bhuta suddhi mantras any time before 10:00 AM.

Do Everyday Loving Kindness Meditations and Activities

Never neglect your compassion and kindness activities. At least keep half an hour per day for conscious kindness and compassion activities. Just like yoga, make four loving kindness (Maitri, Karuna, Mudita, Upeksha) meditations as a part of your lifestyle.  Send some positive energy and vibrations for the world. It is your primary duty in meditation. 


In conclusion, you must learn the 12 basic skills of time management for your success in life. You also need to learn the five basic Karma Clearing techniques from competent teachers. You also need to do eight bhuta suddhi mantras and loving kindness meditation to bring peace, tranquility and overall fulfillment and happiness in life.  

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