7 Steps to Build Inner Strength and Resilience for Success and Happiness

7 Steps to Build Inner Strength and Resilience

Sri Amit Ray explains the seven ways to build inner strength and resilience. 

Inner strength and resilience are the two key components to face and transform every challenges of life. Good inner strength will give you self-confidence. It also gives you determination, tolerance, satisfaction and energy. Life throws challenges but with patience and resilience you can convert every challenge into new opportunity to grow. Having a resilient spirit becomes an asset.

Inner Strength and Resilience

1. Identify your True Purpose of Life

God has given you many gifts  – but in some areas you are very very special. Identify those special areas where you can grow, contribute and get maximum satisfaction of life. If you can’t find your purpose at some point of life, life will throw you challenges – and you need to convert those challenges into opportunities.   When you set your purpose properly, you will activate more positive energies, gain better balance. 


“You need to find out, what you love most from the core of your heart, and for success you need to invest your time and energy on that.” — Amit Ray

2. Focus and Hard work

With focus and hard work, anything is possible. Small things matter – your daily exercise, your values,  your food habits and thinking patterns can make difference. Positive people are able to recognize that problems are not obstacles that get in the way but are new opportunities for creativity and problem solving. Every moment is a new moment to rise up and move forward into the victory.  

Time management is vital for success. Make to do list and isolate top three items in the list and give them priority to complete.   If you have too many people and too many friends, you will be obstructed in your focus.  Focus and concentration are essential for inner strength. Don’t allow life to overflow with unnecessary activities. 

3. Make difference in your own way

Learn from other’s success and mistakes but don’t  try to copy others. Always believe that  you can do a great job in the end. Expand your awareness and come out of all self imposed limitations. It requires continuous learning and growth mindset. Belief energy is the primary for making difference. Keep faith and trust in yourself – it will guide you. 

“Design your belief for higher purpose and values. Articulate your belief. Belief energy is the core of leadership and success.” — Amit Ray

4. Transcend the Limits

Never put a limit on your possibilities. Never put any limitations on what you want to achieve in your life. Explore your maximum abilities in your focused areas. Do not stop at 70 or 80 per cent. Go for better strategy, but you need to push until it is achieved. If you always stay in your “comfort zone” you can not expect much progress. It is important to know how you can achieve more. Cultivate your body, mind, emotions and energies to raise a certain level of maturity to achieve higher goals.  Set realistic goals and targets  in an incremental way and achieve that. Examine your own thoughts carefully. If you find yourself often saying “I can’t do that..”  Change that thought pattern and turn it to “I can do.” 

5. Positive Mindset  

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. Do not expose yourself too much to the negative messages of the news media. Keep yourself informed but don’t cultivate fear psychology.  A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.  Positive affirmation like “I am a better thinker”, “I have a huge passion for what I’m doing”, “I have changed a lot” ,  and “I have become a more strong and happy person” are helpful.

6. Create a good balance in life

A well-balanced person has a much greater ability to focus their attention and energy to achieve their goals. There are two types of balances: internal balance and external balance. Internal balance is bringing harmony in heart, health, mind, word and thoughts.  Through yoga, exercises and meditation bring internal balance. External balance is bringing harmony in family,  office, social and work. Allocate some time for family and friends. Also, learn to say no to the things that is either not essential or doesn’t add something valuable to your life. Find your sense of humor and fun.

7. Connect with the source

You can connect with the source with prayer and meditation. When you are connected with your Inner Being, you feel integrated, harmonious and whole. When you operate from your Inner Being you can overcome the mundane emotional blockages that drags you down. Through Om meditation, 7 chakras balancingvipassana meditation and positive mindset you can get connection with our Inner Being. Connecting with your inner being will help you to stay calm, clear and confident in every situation of life. Your balance between the left-brain and right-brain will increase your analytical as well intuitive power which will  help you to eliminate the blind spots and inspire your team members to achieve your goals.