72000 Nadis and 114 Chakras in Human Body

72000 Nadis and 114 Chakras in Human Body

Sri Amit Ray  tells us about the science of 72000 nadis and 114 chakras in our psychic body. 

Nadis are the pathways of the life energies and chakras are the purification and distribution centers of the life energies in our body. When the flow of the energies in the nadis and the purification and distribution processes in the chakras are perfect, we realize our divine true Self. If there is any blockage or disturbance in the nadis or in the chakras, we are disturbed and go away from our true divine Self.

Purpose of 114 chakras guided meditation, Om meditation or Vipassana meditation is to keep these nadis and chakras pure and clean so that we always remain connected with our divine self – the source of divine creative energy and pure energy of happiness. A lack of energy flow in the chakras can affect the physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual health of an individual. Om has seven levels of vibrations and each vibration has its purification effect on the chakras and on the nadis, and they optimize the energy flow.

72000 Nadis and 114 Chakras in Human Body

Many spiritual seekers and researchers asked me about the exact science and presence of chakras and nadis in the human body.   To realize the nadis and chakras, you need deep awareness meditation. To understand the science of nadis in depth, you need a basic understanding of quantum physics, and the human nervous system. 

Chakras, Nadis and the Four Forms of Energies:

Nadis and chakras are deeply related with the four forms of life energies – physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy and the spiritual energy. For a perfect life, we need balance of these four energies.  These four forms of life energies are interrelated and overlap each other.  Chakras play an integral role in balancing these four energies and keeping our mind-body healthy. When balanced, our chakras contribute to immune system and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Through meditation, you can purify the nadis and the chakras. Purification refers to the separation of gross and subtle negative elements from the raw energies. It includes filtering of negative thoughts, toxic food elements, negative actions, negative visions, negative words etc.

Number of Chakras and Nadis:

There are many nadis and many chakras throughout our body. However, 72000 nadis and 114 chakras are most prominent.  There are 7 major chakras, 21 minor chakras and 86 micro chakras in human body. Among the 114 chakras, 112 chakras reside within the body and the other 2 are outside the body.

Among the major seven chakras, one is present outside the body, over the head region. There are 21 minor chakras distributed all over the body. Head, heart, navel, throat and base of the spine are the five main areas of the major chakras.  However, minor chakras are located in our hands, legs, tongue, knees, elbows, clavicles, shoulders, eyes, ears and nose. All the chakras are not active all the times. Some are prominent and some are dormant. 

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Nadis and the Rhythms of the Body:

Unlike machines, life energy moves rhythmically up and down. The energy flow in the nadis are linked to the sleep cycle, the circadian rhythm and ultradian rhythm of the body. Ultradian rhythm is associated with the sleep cycle, hormonal secretion cycle, brain wave frequency cycle, blood flow cycle, and brain hemisphere or lobe dominance cycles.  Normally, ultradian rhythm is about 90-120 minutes cycles. The ultradian rhythm of the body is maintained by the 72000 nadis of the body. These 72000 nadis are densely connected with navel area, heart area and the brain area of the body.

Number of Petals in each Chakra:

chakra flowers and petalsFor meditation purpose, each of the chakras is linked to a flower with a specific number of petals.  Each chakra is described as a bud of flower. As they “open”, various experiences and new awakening take place. The number of petals corresponds to the number of subtle energy connections coming and going from each chakra. When they are synced together they clear out stagnant energy from the body and the mind. Each petal has one letter of the Sanskrit alphabet upon it. All fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet are represented upon the petals of the chakra flowers. There are total of 52 letters (16 vowels and 36 consonants) in Sanskrit language.

Crown chakra has one thousand petals. The other major chakras have total 50 petals. Brow chakra has two petals.  Throat chakra has 16 petals. Heart chakra contains 12 petals. Solar plexus chakra contains 10 petals. Sacral chakra has 6 petals and the root chakra has 4 petals. The petals of each chakra can be related to the body, especially the nervous system. 

Quantum physics and Nadis:

The 72000 nadis are interconnected energy beings, operated by collaboration and interaction. In reality, the connections of 72000 nadis are nonlinear, non-local and non-hierarchical. This view is supported by new sciences, such as quantum physics. The quantum paradigm holds that nothing is fixed, events are not predictable, and change is continuous. The dance of the energy field in our brain, body and mind is dynamic and continuous.

You need to understand the concept of quantum space-time, which states that space-time is a dynamic object. The science of quantum physics focuses not on physical “things” but on energy fields in the form of wave-particle duality. These are fields that can reorganize and re-configure themselves at different levels. In traditional scientific view, everything is –and must be- physical, observable, measurable and definite; but that view is not valid for the science of nadis and chakras. Studies in quantum physics show that there are no pre-fixed, definitely describable destinations. Rather, there are only potentials. That is, the world is always subjective and shaped by our interactions with it. The 72000 nadis are the ways to interact with the inner world and the outer world.

Network of 72000 Nadis:

However, for general understanding, nadis are the network of subtle energy flow in our body.  Nadis are part of our astral body as well as causal body. They are the channels and fields of life-energy and consciousness.  The network of nadis can be classified into three groups: collection point, purification facilities, and distribution networks.

Collection points are directly associated with our six senses. The purification centers are mostly associated with our glands, organs and the mid brain. They collect, store, filter and prioritize the incoming information and energy. Finally they send the refined information and energy to the distribution networks. The distribution points include the junction points on the surface of the body. They are at the intersections of different muscular patterns, joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, arteries, veins, nerves and subtle energy points.

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Chakras, Nadis and Human Brain:

Human brain contains about 100 billion neurons and they are connected to each other via as many as 1,000 trillion synaptic connections. There are parallel pathways, dense sub-networks, alternative pathways and backup nodes. Functionally, there are many interconnected hierarchical grids in our body and brain.  The 72000 nadis of our body can be thought as a sub-network of the 100 billion neurons in our brain.

The 72000 nadis are mainly part of the distribution network of consciousness and energy. Again, these nadis are arranged in seven layers of hierarchical grid network. In those grids, 36000 nadis are in the left side of the body and 36000 are in the right side of the body.

What are the 114 Chakras?

The 114 chakras are not just the junction points in the physical body, they are extend beyond the physical body. Excessively focusing on the physical body is not one of the objectives of the 114 chakras. The primary objective of the 114 chakras is not solely focused on the physical body, but exploring the higher dimensions of life. While six of the seven fundamental chakras are connected to the spine of the physical body (annamaya kosha), the remaining 108 chakras are associated with the higher energy bodies.

The 114 chakras provide us with a profound framework that transcends the limitations of the physical realm, allowing us to tap into the expansive nature of our higher energy bodies and embrace the interconnectedness of our entire being and cosmic connections.

The 114 chakras serve as gateways to profound understanding and cosmic connections. They enable us to tap into the vast potential of our higher energy bodies, fostering a sense of interconnectedness with the universe. By embracing the wisdom of these chakras, we open ourselves up to the intricate tapestry of our existence and recognize the intricate threads that connect us to the cosmos.

Working of the Nadis and the Chakras:

The raw life energy is collected by our six senses in many ways. The essence of these raw life energies are first stored and processed by the physical body by the processes like Digestive system, Metabolism, Circulatory System, Immune System, Respiratory System, Lymph system, Exocrine System and Nervous System. Subsequently, it is processed by the network of the Nadi system. At first glance, it seems they are very separate in their activities, but in reality, however, all these systems work together intimately in many ways.

Nadi system helps all the systems to work together in an integrated way. Nadi system is also known as the carrier of prana. Prana is often referred to as the “life force”, “vital energy” or “life energy”. Prana enables the body parts to move and the mind to think. Prana circulates all around us, but it circulates in the body through the networks of nadis, which are energy pathways that exist in a very similar way to the nervous system, but more refined and usually invisible to the eyes, because they are part of the subtle energy body.    

Benefits of Chakra Balancing and Nadi Purification 

Chakra balancingChakra balancing helps us to succeed in every aspect of life. It gives us mental, physical, emotional and spiritual peace and harmony. It also helps us to gain social, occupational, financial, environmental and intellectual well-being in life. 

Nadi purification and chakra balancing work together. Through meditation, breathing awareness, subtle mantra vibration and awakening, one can purify the nadis and balance the chakras. Chakra balancing removes the negative energies from life and brings positive energies in life. The negative emotional states like anger, fear, anxiety, sadness and depressions are removed, and the positive mental states like joy, happiness, motivation, inspiration, calmness and peace arises.

How does the awakening of the chakras take place?

Forced chakra awakening is harmful and can be dangerous. However, systematic 114 chakras guided meditation,  Om meditation or light Vipassana meditation is very smooth and effective way for chakra awakening.  Direct concentration upon the chakras is not recommended. Meditations on each chakra with subtle vibrations and mantras on the chakras and the nadis remove the blockages slowly and in a peaceful way. Best and most proven way for chakra awakening or chakra balancing is mantra meditation and daily guided 114 chakra meditation. Both the techniques you can learn and practice at your home or office. 

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