Day 7: Art of Accessing Inner World Without Meditation

Art of Accessing Inner World Without Meditation

What is the procedure for accessing inner world without meditation? Normally inner world is accessed through Poetry, Narrative. Literature, Music, open-eye-meditation and Visual Art.  Here, I am giving below the thirteen ways to access your Inner World without formal meditation. The 1st Step of accessing the inner world is to understand your nonconscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Inner world is deeply related with who and what we are and what we think and believe and what we feel. Inner world is the world where all creation started. The thirteen ways for accessing your Inner World are:

1. Choose your path according to your nature; Choose your path, based on your nature; all path’s lead to divinity. All paths are divine because you are divine.

2. Help others and do service for the benefits of other:  Try to help others that will bring more meanings to your life. If you think you are trapped in one negative situation of life, helping others will bring you out from the negative situations of life. It is working selflessly for the good of all without any expectation of reward, name, fame or even recognition.

3. Bring perfection on your action. If your focus is on right action, action for the greater good, offering this action without attachment, you will arrive in the light. You are light.

4. Understand Inter connectedness and oneness: To understand the inter connectedness you need to move to the deepest levels of your feelings beyond the physical senses andlearn to stand and act in our own truth.

5. You are more than your physical senses. Simply know that there is so much more, infinitely more, beyond what can be seen, felt, heard by your physical senses. 

6. Anger is delusional, and can cause trouble in mind.  You should try and be as calm as possible to maintain a balance.

7. Remember the Divinity is within you: Always remember that the supreme being is watching you and resides inside your heart.

8. Generate positive vibrations in life. Death is inevitable. Whoever is born shall die one day. None is immortal. Radiate positive vibrations and remember all encompassing, all divine energy.

9. Cultivate equanimity: When one is established in the yoga of equanimity, she realizes her hidden Self and becomes satisfied with the Glory of the Self.

11. Maintain your Balance: Balance and moderation are important in the practice of the yoga. There is no place for extremities.

12 Know the Witnessing Power Within You. Self dwells within us. The body is an aspect of Nature and it is the city of nine gates. Self is the witnessing power, the Guide, and the Non-doer. Be the knower of the body and the Self. While standing, walking and sleeping witness all your actions, movements and modifications arise in the body and gradually you will be one with the Self.

13. Offer the fruits of your actions to God. Perform your actions without desire for their fruit and offer them to God, who is the source of all actions.

Know the true nature of self as all-pervading pure consciousness and you will have the full access to your inner world.