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Chakra Meditation for Resilience Building in Uncertain Time

Chakra Meditation Course for Resilience Building

The 114 energy vortexes in the human body are the key centers to build resilience and facilitate many adaptive coping up processes in the time of crisis and stress. Through resilience people can transform their experiences of stress, strain, anxiety and suffering into something meaningful positive energy. 

Chakra spirituality plays significant roles in dealing with adversity and hardship. Resilience building is a dynamic process and deeply connected with the states of the 114 chakras. There are 21 primary chakras to build and strengthen your resilience by re-establishing the divine qualities in your life. There are five energy bodies, which are deeply linked with these chakras.

Chakra Meditation Course for Resilience Building

Chakra Meditation Course for Resilience Building

Effective chakra meditation can build your resilience to overcome the difficulties of life. The core of chakra meditation is bringing energies that are more positive for your life. Life is not just to survive, but also to thrive with full potential. Resilience is the human ability to meet adversity, setbacks, disturbance, stress, anxiety and trauma, and then recover from them in order to live life fully. Resilient peoples have the ability to sustain their energy level under pressure, to cope with disruptive changes and adapt. They bounce back from the temporary setbacks and get true meanings in their life. 

Resilience and the Inner Divinity 

The true resilience are developed when we build intimate relationship with the Divine Energy that is within us. Chronic worry is the most destructive – it saps the joy of living. Our goal is to employ chakra-based resilience training to reduce the number of those who struggle and increase the number of those who can grow. Our goal is to eliminate the sufferings of the people. Our goal is to connect people with their inner divinity.  Our chakra pathway meditation  techniques can improve the white matter integrity and structural connectivity in the brain. A wide range of studies have found the neural circuits and pathways involved in adaptive coping mechanisms of resilience. 

Classification of the Chakras

The science of 114 chakras are very ancient. In our meditation system, we classified the 114 chakras in four groups: non-structural chakras, structural chakras, dynamic chakras, and the static chakras. Chakras are the energy vortexes. The structural chakras and the static chakras are more stable and related to our physical and vital energy bodies. Whereas the non-structural chakras and the dynamic chakras are more subtle and related to our emotional, spiritual and higher energy bodies.

Chakra Meditation for Emotional Resilience

Resilience involves “bouncing back” from the difficult experiences. The chakra meditations are ancient techniques that can empower you to withstand and overcome the mental and emotional difficulties, and traumatic or bad experiences.  You can recognize and manage your own feelings and understand the feelings of others. You will develop a sense of mental strength, independence and self-love. You will  be able to tap into your inner resources and divinity. You can rediscover yourself and your strengths. 

Seven Frameworks for Resilience Building

You will learn the seven frameworks for resilience building. When you are connected with your Inner Being, you feel integrated, harmonious and whole. When you operate from your Inner Being you can overcome the mundane emotional blockages that drags you down. Through,  114 chakra meditation, you can get connection with our Inner Being. Connecting with your inner being will help you to stay calm, clear and confident in every situation of life. Your balance between the left-brain and right-brain will increase your analytical as well intuitive power which will  help you to eliminate the blind spots and inspire your team members to achieve your goals.

Balancing the Dynamic Chakras

Balancing the dynamic and non-structural chakras integrate your work, office, family and roles in society to help you leverage your energy and deal with the challenges that life throws on your way. Six virtues and mental training are cultivated in order to bring equilibrium to the mind and emotions. They are tranquility, training of the senses, withdrawal, forbearance, faith and focus. Together these allow the mind to enter deeper states of contemplation and meditation.

Healing the Non-structural Chakras 

Non-structural chakras are very powerful they control our thoughts and emotions. You can heal your nonstructural chakras by focusing on four core components — connection with the inner resources, wellness exercises, healthy thinking, getting meaning and purpose in life, and building a sense of humor. They can empower you to withstand and learn from difficult and traumatic experiences. 

114 Chakra Meditation for Resilience Building Online Skype Class

114 Chakra Meditation Class

114 Chakra Meditation Online Class



Through 114 chakra balancing and healing meditation you can transform yourself into a powerful leader.  You can change your emotional behavior into mature and effective positive directions. By using these techniques you will  develop resilience and not letting your mind’s emotions interfere with your vision and obligations in life. You will bring more balance in your spiritual and daily life. You will build more inner strength and improve your inner qualities by empowering yourself and helping others.