Deep Compassion: Neuroscience and the 114 Chakras

How to cultivate deep compassion? Sri Amit Ray talks about the neuroscience, and roles of the 114 chakras and the nadis to cultivate kindness and love. 

One of the objectives of human life is to cultivate great compassion for higher evolution. In our Ray 114 chakra meditation tradition, there are a group of chakras and a group of energy channels, which are deeply associated with compassion, kindness and empathy. In our tradition, we often refer them as the Karuna chakras and Karuna nadis. 

The neural basis of compassion is also deeply linked with the 114 chakras and the 72000 nadis in the human body. In this article, we will discuss the neuroscience and the deep spirituality associated with the great compassion energy channels (nadis) and the energy vortexes (chakras). 

Compassion Neuroscience Nadis and the Chakras

Compassion Neuroscience Nadis and the Chakras

At basic level, cultivating compassion and kindness toward ourselves and others allows us to open and expand our heart. These Karuna or compassion energy channels and the energy centers help us to connect with the higher Self. It is easy to cultivate compassion and love, when you remove the blockages from these Karuna chakras and the energy channels.  

The Compassion Pathways

Among these 114 chakras, the 112 chakras are related to our vital energy body, mental body, emotional body and the intellectual body. However, there are two extra chakras, which are associated with the higher spiritual dimensions. Unless we activate and open the Karuna chakras and the Karuna nadis, these two higher spiritual dimensions will not open. 

“Kindness is not an option but the only pathway for higher spiritual evolution. Because, it enables us to connect with all beings and the higher divinity within us.” – Sri Amit Ray
Compassion, Kindness and the 24 Karuna chakras - Sri Amit Ray

Empathy, compassion and kindness enables us to connect with ourselves and others at deeper spiritual and emotional levels. It opens up new energy channels to expand our consciousness.  People need close, supportive relationships with others who genuinely care about their well-being. 

Compassion  the 114 Chakras

The compassion chakras or karuna chakras is a network of 24 chakras in the human body. Most of them are located in the brain, heart and the internal organs. Compassion as consisting of six key characteristics. They are sensitivity, sympathy, empathy, caring, tolerance and non-judgement. Out of 114 chakras, the 24 karuna chakras are connected to these compassion attributes at three different hierarchical levels. 

“These 24 Karuna chakras can bring maturity, deep satisfaction within, and overall controls in your life. The goals of the Karuna chakras are to bring spiritual freedom, psychological balance and total well-being.” — Sri Amit Ray 

The human brain-body and mind is a complex system. It is a self-organizing system of 114 chakras and 72000 energy channels. The energy channels and the chakras regulates the internal and the external stimuluses in a competitive as well as cooperative way. They work both at the local and the global cosmic levels.

The optimal functioning of the chakras and the nadis depends on the capabilities of the energy channels to bring dynamic balance internally and externally. In addition,  the integration of information, feelings and consciousness at global and local levels are key to total psychophysical well-being and balance in life.

There is a continuous struggle for getting dynamic adjustments in our body and mind system with the internal and external parameters.  The compassion related chakras help us to bring optimal psychological balance between individual freedom and responsibility at various levels.

Neuroscience of Compassion

The Karuna chakras regulates the mirror neurons in human brain. The six key Karuna chakras are in the brain. Primarily, the Karuna chakras activates the medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC), anterior cingulated cortex (ACC),  anterior insula, medial orbitofrontal cortex, and the basal ganglia

The insula and the ACC parts of the are responsible to facilitates or inhibits pain or discomfort experiences while cultivating person to person compassion. The chakras in the medial prefrontal cortex are associated with self-awareness. The chakras in the medial orbitofrontal cortex are associated with the value based decision making. 

Opening the Compassion Chakras

The virtue of compassion is immeasurable and imperishable. The compassion chakra networks, starts opening in a progressive way as you move forward in this path. 

When you commit to practicing compassion, three of your brain compassion chakras will start opening and you will start receiving clearer inner guidance. As you go forward, some more lower chakras will open and you become more attractive to people.

You can start  compassion, by practicing self-compassion first. As you move in your life circumstance beyond your self-referencing, about three chakras at your base will start opening. 

The 114 Chakras Meditations

The 114 Chakras Meditations

“The first sign of kundalini awakening is the deep compassion for all beings. The 114 chakras and compassion are deeply rooted.”   – Sri Amit Ray.

first sign of kundalini awakening is deep compassion


A group of 24 chakras are associated with compassion. The first goal of the Karuna chakras is to connect with the higher self – the all pervading divinity. The Karuna chakras are the part of the 112 chakras. By opening and purifying the Karuna chakras you can open the  other two higher spiritual chakras. 

The Karuna chakras brings both physiologic balance and psychophysical well-being. The physiologic balance increases energy, immunity and vigor, and decreases inflammation, oxidation, and fatigue. The Karuna chakras give us the ability of self-compassion and to give compassion to others.