Day 4: Daily Teachings – Deep down there is a rose in every heart.

“In reality, we live in every one. Deep down there is a rose in every heart.”- Amit Ray

rose in every heartPeople suffer in many ways – mostly due to blind beliefs and unconscious following of others. Understanding human unconscious thinking processing is vital for growth and coming out of the cycles of sufferings. Unconscious mental processes are primal and basic, hard-wired in brain. Conscious processes represent higher order values such as intuition, inspirations, caring for others and finding meaning in life. Happiness is often linked to the unconscious mind. When you tune yourself with the cosmic whole, your life will resonate on a higher level of consciousness. Normally, the minds of the common people are clouded with words of prophets and religions. They lost the connection with the cosmic soul. Mostly, they are carried away by the unconscious thought patterns. They lost the light of their soul. Hence, there is so much narrowness and intolerance in the name of prophets and religions.

Unconscious thinking is the cognitive processes that we’re not aware but they modulate our emotions and behaviors.  The unconscious mind is a combination of two boxes; placed side by side. One box is full with positive habits, intuition and thoughts and the other box is filled with fear, anger, confusion, guilt, depression and other negative thoughts and habits. Blind beliefs and unconscious following strengthen the negative box of the unconscious mind. Awareness and conscious choice strengthen the positive box of the unconscious mind. The positive box is the source of artistic and scientific inspiration and intuition. Spirituality is coming out of the negative unconscious mind and focusing on the positive aspects of life.  Spirituality is the nourishment of positivity and the youthfulness of the soul. Deep down there is a rose in every heart. Spirituality is unfolding the petals of that rose.

– Excerpt from the book “Enlightenment: Step by Step” Amit Ray (This material is copyrighted, and published by permission from Inner Light Publishers).

Spirituality is the nourishment of positivity and the youthfulness of the soul. – Amit Ray