How to Declutter Your Home and Increase Positive Energy: Five Easy Steps

Decluttering and Increasing the Positive Energy in Your Home: The Ultimate Guide 

Do you want to declutter your home? You can learn the five easy steps and the important tips for keeping your home clutter-free and filled with positive energies. 

Your home is an energy field. Your happiness, productivity, and mental clarity depend on your home energy. Decluttering and the positive energy in your home are vital for peace, tranquility, and happiness. 

In this post, we discussed the five steps of decluttering and the eleven tips for generating positive energy in your home. 

Declutter your Home and Bring Positive Energy

Research shows that decluttering and a clean environment can substantially improve your mental health. Getting rid of unnecessary items can improve your mental health by making you feel calmer, happier, and more in charge. A tidier space and a cleaner environment might lead to a more calm, tranquil, and positive mindset.

Your home energy interacts with your chakra energy fields constantly. The 114 chakras in your body constantly interacts with the field energy of your home, vastu, and the environment.  To keep your emotional chakras joyful, and happy you need to keep your home clean and clutter-free.

You may be constantly under mental and emotional pressure to buy, collect, and acquire goods in this fast-paced modern life. Hence, you may be accumulating more and more goods. For safety reasons, you may feel everything is required. On the other hand, you do not learn to let go of things that are not required.

Similarly,  you may struggle with never-ending to-do lists, causing your time to become as congested as your living and working spaces. All of this contributes to a feeling of overload, which is hazardous to your physical and emotional health.

However, there is no better time to start cleaning and organizing your home than right now. Cleaning and decluttering is a positive mindset and a positive habit. It is often said that “cleanliness is godliness”. Clutter at home can keep you from fully relaxing or enjoying your time and potential.

Benefits of Decluttering

Benefits of decluttering include:

  • Higher self-esteem. When you have trouble staying organized, you may feel out of control. Improving your living space can restore feelings of competency and pride.
  • Better focus. Clutter makes it difficult to find what you need. It may also distract you. Getting rid of visual clutter can help you focus better on any task at hand. 
  • Improved lifestyle and well-being. It’s easier to prepare healthy meals in an orderly kitchen. And most people sleep better in a neat room with a tidy bed.
  • Better relationships. Conflict with family or roommates often occurs when one person can’t control clutter. Also, you may be more comfortable inviting friends into your home when it’s tidy.
  • Lower risk of asthma and allergies. Your home may appear cluttered, but it is not unclean. However, cleaning around heaps of items is difficult. Decluttering can help to keep pests at bay as well as reduce dust, and mildew, all of which can aggravate asthma and allergies.

Steps for Decluttering Your Spaces

The best way to make decluttering easier is to do it in stages. At a time, you can concentrate on one room, one space, or even one zone inside a room. Things that are chipped, cracked, or damaged should not be kept. Clean out the cupboards and drawers, and get rid of anything that isn’t in use. Make sure the house is tidy, clean and free of cobwebs. Mix a few spoons of sea salt into the water and you can use it to wash the floor.

You’ll enjoy the mental health benefits of decluttering more if you make the process easy, simple and everyday low-stress activity. You can use the following 5 simple instructions to declutter your home:

Do little by little everyday: Little by little every day, little by little in every way, you can declutter your room and environment.

Start now: The best time to declutter is the present moment. The best ways to declutter do right things at every moment.

Start small: You can be less likely to become disheartened if you organize only one drawer or cupboard. The pleasure you will derive from seeing and using a well-organized room will serve as positive reinforcement, encouraging you to do more.

Build in structure: You can be motivated to organize your kitchen if you invite friends over for dinner. You’ll have a deadline for finishing your decluttering if you appoint someone to collect your unwanted goods. Allow additional time for decluttering, as it can take longer than you imagine.

Don’t strive for perfection: People who have trouble with clutter often: Struggle with time management and stop tasks before finishing Have perfectionist tendencies and trouble stopping and starting projects.

Tips to increase positive energy in your home

  1. At home, fresh air and sunlight help to boost positive energy. As a result, keep the windows open of your home for some time in the morning.
  2. Keep a well-organized bed for a wholesome flow of positive energy. Every morning, make your bed and put your pillow and comforters in their right places.
  3. Make sure the furniture’s edges aren’t sharp. Excessive use of red, black, and grey in the home’s décor should be minimized.
  4. A few things that generate positive energy into a home include posters with inspiring words on the wall.
  5. Dispose of any goods that you haven’t used in a long time.
  6. Do not make a prayer room beneath the stairs or in the bedroom.
  7. When not using it, always keep close the cupboard doors. Close the door to the bathroom.
  8. Make sure there are no dripping taps in your house.
  9. Do not keep medications in the kitchen.
  10. While sleeping or taking rest, turn off  or keep the way all the electronic and Wi-Fi systems.
  11. Play peaceful divine music or chant mantras at home for a few minutes in the morning.

The bottom line

There’s no reason to conceal objects that you frequently use. Also, try not to compare your space to that of others. Having difficulties decluttering or getting rid of possessions can be difficult for anyone, especially as we age.

However, with a little thought, you can change your living room from the most congested space in your house into what it was supposed to be: a place to enjoy and gather as a family.