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Shiva Shakti Devotional Meditation Courses

Devotional Meditation Courses
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This is an intensive 6 Weeks Course on Devotional Meditation. Here, the realization of Truth is not from the head but through the heart. The course is designed to provide a practical guide to those who wish to approach God through devotion (Bhakti), the most natural path of all.

God is the nature of immortal bliss. On attaining which, a person becomes perfect, immortal, and satisfied for ever. Bhakti is the divine nectar and God fulfills our every desire, when our attunement with God is perfect. 

Devotional Meditation Courses

Bhakti Yoga: The 6-Weeks Intensive Course.

This 6 weeks guided meditation course offer you a taste of many new dimensions of devotions and practices. The course includes guided meditations, mantra chanting and guidance on the subtler aspects of the Divine blessings. This course is both for the new comers and for those who have already completed other yoga courses in other institutes and want to explore the Yoga of Love (Bhakti Yoga) more deeply in a new way.

It is enriched by the Ancient wisdom. This course offer fresh insights into the ways to remove the obstacles of your thought patters, and the subconscious mind. The meditations are designed to access the blessings of the divine energies. The meditations are designed to improve your inner glow and mental stability and power through love and devotions. 

“When the mind is settled, we are established in our own essential state, which is unbounded consciousness.”

The Course Contents

You can select ANY ONE of the following FIVE OPTIONS:

  1. Devotional Meditation on: Lord Shiva
  2. Devotional Meditation on: Shiva-Shakti
  3. Devotional Meditation on:  Goddess Druga 
  4. Devotional Meditation on:  Goddess Maha Lakshmi
  5. Devotional Meditation on: Lord Vishnu and Maha Lakshmi
“The main focus of Devotional Yoga is expansion of the consciousness and accessing the cosmic love by controlling the mind and subduing the fluctuations of the mind.”

Course Fees $250 USD

The details of the bhakti yoga classes:

Course Fees: $250 USD
Duration: 6 Weeks (Total 6  One Hour Sessions)
Location: Online via Skype / ZOOM/ WhatsApp
Benefits: You will learn the Art of Devotions to God . You will learn the Nine limbs of devotions (Navodha Bhakti). 
Study Material: Three PDF Files


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How it Works

After you register and submit your payment for an online session, you are notified by email and offered a a set of choices for the dates and times for the online session. You choose one, and confirm by email. You can always email us, if you have a special preference.

Then the session follows – a session designed for you to learn the devotional meditation tailored to your taste temperament and need. You receive the energy of the Master on a one on one session and learn through an interactive experience.

Sri Amit Ray has many years of deep meditation experience in Himalaya and will explain the fundamentals and deeper aspects of yoga and meditation and will guide you through the practice to a state of deep spirituality, focus, calmness and total wellbeing.

The online meditation classes are provided by Sri Amit Ray, as one-to-one online Skype / WhatsApp sessions at mutually convenient date and time. Depending on the course the number of session varies. The duration of each session is about an hour. The course includes guided meditations, discussions, and study material.

Upon completion of the online registration and payment process, you will be informed by email, about the date and time of your meditation classes, which are mutually adjustable.


FAQ Devotional Meditation

The process for signing up is incredibly simple, and if you have any questions you can always contact us. You simply complete the booking form and submit your payment. You will receive an email with a set of choices for the dates and times for the online sessions. After you confirm one, or ask for any change, you will receive a confirmation email for the schedule of your online meditation class. After that, your meditation teacher contacts you with the Skype/ ZOOM info. And you’re good to go!
The fees for our 6 Weeks Online Course is $250 USD. One one hour session per week.

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