Great leaders have three things – inner light, inner vision, and inner strength – Sri Amit Ray

As a leader, you should always learn how to build up your own inner strength and inner vision. It will help you to be able to deal with problems and bounce back from failures, which are inevitable given your higher roles in life. Inner strength is what gives you the strength to keep going.

Inner Light

You need to see the future to guide others. The light of your wisdom is very important to lead others. Relaxation and third-eye meditation is the key to inner light.

Great leaders have three things; inner light - Sri Amit Ray

When you are under pressure, prepare yourself by thinking about your responses and reactions to various situations all of the time. Take a moment to consider why you are responding in a particular way. Allow your optimism to guide you in making the best decisions possible when you’re under pressure.

“Great leaders have three things; inner light, inner vision, and inner strength.” – Sri Amit Ray

Great leaders have three things; inner light, inner vision, and inner strength.

Inner Strength

The power to overcome difficulties and move forward in every situation is the your inner strength. Your leadership skills like positivity, motivation, integrity, and creativity come when you have powerful inner strength and inner vision.

Learn to keep your focus fixed on your own strength. What is it that reignites your interest and motivations? What causes you to come to life? Instead of focusing on the things that make you feel unfulfilled, turn your attention to the things that make you feel fulfilled. Allow your focus to draw in what you desire as a reward.

Inner Vision

Your inner vision is you ability to see the thing in multiple viewpoints. Moreover, learning how to build inner power has a lot more benefits than just helping you achieve your leadership goals. It makes you feel calm and important in your surroundings. When you have it, you have a source of energy from which you can get the strength you need to get through even the most difficult times.

Leadership Quotes

Effective leaders spend a lot of time working on their emotional intelligence. Your leadership skills are made up of things like self-awareness, communication, influence, and the ability to learn new things. Your chakras and energy channels in the body have a bigger role to improve your thinking qualities.


We discussed about the inner vision, inner strength and the inner light. All these are necessary for your development.