Ecological Balance for Global Health: Heal the Earth – Heal the Mind

Ecological Balance is the Key to Global Health

“Ecological balance is the key to global health. We have to solve the problem from the root. The present pandemic may be due to gross violation of the Natures laws. We need to rectify them, if we want to survive and thrive as a human race.” – Sri Amit Ray 

Present pandemic is a big lesson for humanity and we need to learn from it first. We are not isolated element of Nature, but part of an integrated system. Hence total health is now more important than ever. 

Perhaps you are aware that environmental health is related to our personal health. There are lots of small actionable steps we can do to save the planet earth and the humanity. In this article, we explore the areas where we can focus to protect the mother earth in our day to day life and we can heal our inner world. 

“There are 114 chakras in the earth. These earth chakras are connected to our health and emotions. Human and environmental health are intimately intertwined. Balancing the earth chakras is the key for public health. ” – Sri Amit Ray

Balancing the Earth Chakras

Balancing the Earth Chakras

You can balance you root chakra by serving the earth.  When your root chakra is balanced, you will be more balanced and happy. Your energy and self-confidence will increase. Your negative emotions like arrogance, fear will reduce, and you will feel calm, centered and ready for what life brings.

Everyday actions

Everyday there are thousands of small actions you can take that will make a positive healing effect on the earth. For example, you can give water to a plant in the morning. However small, your day-to-day positive life actions can bring global changes. 

Present Pandemic Crisis and the Earth

Presently, many of the earth chakras are disturbed by the global disruption caused by the pandemic due to the increased use of PPE (e.g., face mask, hand gloves etc.). The haphazard disposal, and generation of a huge amount of hospital waste has negative impacts on the planet and the environment. 

The waste disposal should be managed properly, to reduce further infection and environmental pollution, which is now a matter of concern globally. 

“We can heal the mind, when we heal the earth. Awareness about the link between the human and nature is the key to global health.” – Sri Amit Ray

Heal the Earth Heal the Mind

Heal the Earth Heal the Mind

Food Choices and the Environmental Balance

You can make food choices that do less harm to the environment, animals and people. You can reduce your  foodprint by eating more plant-based whole foods. You might discover that you love the way your body feels after making these natural  nutrient food choices.

Eat seasonal foods. Eating seasonal also means eating local, which is great for the environment. When you support local farmers, you don’t have to worry about how far your food traveled to get to you.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

You can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your transportation activities. The carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization or community. The bulk of an individual’s carbon footprint will come from transportation, housing and food. 

Remodeling your Purchase

You can re-model your purchase. Echo friendly purchase is helpful for the earth and the environment. You can be more mindful of what you really need. You can focus on the items that can be reused and recycled.