Overcome Your Negative Thoughts through Chakra Balancing and Embrace a Positive Mindset

Negative thoughts can be incredibly detrimental to your mental health and overall well-being. They can make you feel anxious, depressed, and even lead to physical health problems. But the good news is that you can learn how to overcome negative thoughts and embrace a positive mindset.

In this article, you will know the importance of a positive mindset, chakra balancing, and other practical tips to overcome negative thoughts and develop a more positive outlook.

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Chakra balancing is a practice in our Ray 114 Chakra System, that involves aligning and energizing the body’s chakras, or energy centers, in order to promote physical and emotional well-being. Embracing a positive mindset, or a mindset that focuses on the good and positive aspects of life, can also help to overcome negative thoughts. A positive mindset can be cultivated through practices such as gratitude, mindfulness, and visualization.

Negative thoughts can have a significant impact on one’s emotional and mental well-being. They can also affect the balance of the chakras, the energy centers in the body that govern different aspects of our lives. For example, a negative thought pattern can block the flow of energy in the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with self-esteem and self-worth. This can lead to feelings of low self-worth and self-doubt.

Identifying Negative Thoughts

The first step in overcoming negative thoughts is to identify them. Negative thoughts can take many forms, such as self-doubt, worry, and fear. They can also be disguised as “should” or “must” statements, such as “I should be able to handle this” or “I must be perfect.” These types of thoughts put pressure on us and can lead to feelings of inadequacy and failure.

It’s important to understand that negative thoughts are a normal part of the human experience. Everyone has them from time to time. However, when negative thoughts become persistent and overwhelming, they can start to impact our mental and physical health. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to identify and challenge them.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts through Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are 114 chakras in human body, 7 of them are long the spine. Chakras bring  physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You can  function at your best and feel a sense of balance and harmony, when you balance and aligned your chakras.  However, when your chakras are blocked or imbalanced, it can lead to negative thoughts and emotions.

The 114 Chakras list Online course

The 114 Chakras list Online course

Crown chakra

Each chakra is associated with a specific area of the body and a particular set of emotions and issues. Your crown chakra, for example, is associated with the top of the head and is linked to spiritual connection and a sense of oneness. If this chakra is blocked, it can lead to feelings of disconnection and a lack of purpose.

Third-eye chakra

The third-eye chakra is located in the forehead, and it is associated with intuition, insight and wisdom. When this chakra is blocked, it can lead to confusion and a lack of trust in one’s own intuition.

Throat chakra

The throat chakra is associated with communication and self-expression. When this chakra is blocked, it can lead to difficulty expressing oneself and a fear of being judged.

Heart chakra

The heart chakra is associated with love, compassion, and empathy. When this chakra is blocked, it can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and a lack of connection with others.

Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is associated with self-confidence and personal power. When this chakra is blocked, it can lead to feelings of insecurity and lack of control.

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, and emotional well-being. When this chakra is blocked, it can lead to a lack of passion and creativity in one’s life.

Root chakra

The root chakra is associated with grounding, stability, and a sense of belonging. When this chakra is blocked, it can lead to feelings of anxiety and a lack of security.

In order to overcome negative thoughts, it’s important to focus on balancing and aligning your chakras. This can be done through practices such as meditation, yoga, and energy healing. By focusing on each individual chakra, you can begin to release blockages and promote balance and harmony in your mind, body and spirit. You can balance the chakras by using chakra colors and chakra related Ayurveda herbs. 

Challenging Negative Thoughts:

Once you’ve identified a negative thought, the next step is to challenge it. One way to do this is to reframe the thought. For example, instead of thinking “I’ll never be able to do this,” try reframing the thought as “I may not know how to do this yet, but I am willing to learn and try.”

By acknowledging that one may not have the current skill or knowledge, but is open to acquiring it, it opens the door to growth and progress. Instead of feeling defeated, one feels motivated and willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals.

Positive Self-talk:

Another way to build a positive mindset is through the practice of positive self-talk. This means being mindful of the words you use when you speak to yourself, and replacing negative thoughts or phrases with positive and uplifting ones. For example, instead of saying “I can’t do this,” try telling yourself “I can do this, and I will.” This small change in the way you speak to yourself can make a big difference in the way you think and Stop generating negative thoughts.

Focus on the present moment:

Another way to build a positive mindset is to focus on the present moment. When we constantly dwell on the past or worry about the future, it can be difficult to see the good in the present. By practicing mindfulness and paying attention to the present moment, we can start to appreciate the small things in life and find joy in the present.

Self-Compassion and Self Love

In addition, it’s important to practice self-compassion. Be kind and gentle with yourself, rather than constantly criticizing or judging yourself. Remember that we all make mistakes and have setbacks, and it’s important to be understanding and forgiving of ourselves.

Lastly, it’s essential to take care of your mental health and seek help if needed. Negative thoughts can be a symptom of a larger mental health issue, and it’s important to address them with the help of a professional. If you’re experiencing persistent negative thoughts or feelings, seek help from a therapist, counselor, or other mental health professional. They can help you work through the underlying issues and develop a positive mindset.

Emotional intelligence to Overcome Negative thoughts

Emotional intelligence plays a key role in overcoming negative thoughts. Emotionally intelligent individuals are able to recognize and understand their own emotions and the emotions of others. They are also able to effectively manage and regulate their emotions. By developing emotional intelligence, one can become more aware of their negative thoughts and take steps to reframe them in a more positive light.

One way to increase emotional intelligence is through mindfulness practices such as meditation. By focusing on the present moment and being mindful of one’s thoughts and emotions, one can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and develop the ability to manage negative thoughts. Additionally, practicing self-care and self-compassion can also help to reduce negative thoughts and improve emotional well-being.


In conclusion, having a positive attitude and getting rid of negative thoughts takes work and consistency. You can do this by noticing and challenging negative thoughts, practicing gratitude, mindfulness, and visualization, and taking care of yourself through things like exercise, healthy eating, and enough sleep. These things improve your overall health and make it easier to keep a positive outlook.

Chakra balancing can also help align and energies the body’s energy centers, which is good for both physical and emotional health. It’s important to be patient and realize that change takes time, but if you keep trying, you’ll start to see a change for the better in your thoughts and feelings.