Impact of Deep Om Meditation on Trait and State Behavior

Impact of Deep Om Meditation on Trait and State Behavior

Here, Sri Amit Ray explains how Om Chanting can improve our state (short term) and trait (long term) behavior.  Om chanting changes our emotional reactions and responses to external stimuli and internal experiences in a positive way. Dr. Ray explains how low frequency Om chanting can reduce tensions and anxiety under various pressure conditions such as before examination, before public talk, before important sports events and during critical challenges of life.

Impact of Om Meditation on States and Traits Behavior

Deep Om Meditation

Deep Om Meditation is a systematic seven step integrated OM meditation program. These Om meditation technique enables you to modify unconscious patterns often deeply rooted in personality and behavior. While even short regular practice gives release to stress, long regular meditation may bring profound insight and change within reach. Meditation is a practice to refine your experience and to open a new dimension to your lives. It is a means to tap into a deep source of positive energy and joy.

Om Chanting and Self-Regulation

Research consistently shows that self-regulation skill is necessary for reliable physical and emotional well being. Self-regulation is the control of oneself by oneself in diverse situations of life. It is the ability to resist impulsive behaviors. Self-regulation is the ability to act in your long-term best interest. It is tuning your behavior consistently with your deeper values and relationships. It also gives you the ability to come of a bad mood or calmed yourself down when you are angry. Om chanting is an effective technique for both emotional and behavioral self-regulation.

Om Chanting and Neuroplasticity

As individuals produces deeper states of awareness during Om meditation, they develop a greater tendency to exhibit mindful attitudes and behaviors outside of meditation, in the context of daily life. From a neurobiological point view, it can be explained that the recurrent activation of the neural networks through subtle Om chanting, instantiates deep state of mindfulness in meditation lead to neuroplastic changes over time in brain function and structure which promotes greater trait awareness. Neuroscientific evidence on meditation provides some indirect support for this proposition. An individual with higher trait stability feels more confidence in many situations than someone with low trait stability.

Om Chanting for State Vs Trait Awareness

States are temporary behaviors or feelings that depend on a person’s situation and motives at a particular time. Where as traits are characteristic behaviors and feelings that are consistent and long lasting. The repeated and systematic Om meditation practice is thought to cultivate greater state awareness and alertness over time, which presumably contributes to increases in trait (long-term) mindfulness.   Om meditation increases the state awareness and mindfulness during meditation and that lead to greater trait awareness and mindfulness in long-term. This improvement in trait behavior benefits long-term physical and psychological health and well-being. 

Om Chanting to overcome State anxiety and Trait anxiety

We observed that Om chanting increases in trait awareness and decreases stress, strain, anxiety, tension and depressions. We observed that Om chanting  reduces both State anxiety and trait anxiety before examination, public talk and important sports events. We have observed that low frequency Om chanting reduces tension during penalty shoot-out situations for soccer players. 

State anxiety reflects a transitory emotional state or a condition that is characterized by subjective, consciously perceived feelings of tension and apprehension, and heightened autonomic nervous system activity. It anxiety just before examination, public talk or sports events. State anxiety may fluctuate and can vary in intensity. In contrast, trait anxiety refers to a general tendency to respond with anxiety to perceived threats in the environment, and is a relatively stable characteristic of an individual. 


We have observed that under various pressure conditions like before examination, before public talk and before important sports events, low frequency Om chanting reduces both trait (long-term)  anxiety and state (short-term) anxiety.  However, more longitudinal, randomized, and actively controlled studies with larger sample sizes are necessary to deepen our scientific understanding of Om meditation and Om chanting of how people with different personality traits changes their behavior positively with the practice of deep Om meditation.

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