Meditation to Reconnect with your Soul

When you are connected with your soul, you cope well with your emotions. You become grounded, balanced and self-aware, have clarity and a good sense of your values, and feel a purpose in life. When you are intensely connected with your ego, you activate your emotional pain body and you become disconnected from your soul- the inner being. The more you are disconnected from your soul, the greater the conflict and disharmony in your life.

Soul re-connection meditation is a special type of meditation technique where you can identify and detach yourself from your pain body and connect yourself with your bliss body and the higher healing energy and higher consciousness. 

Meditation to Re-connect with Your Inner Self - Amit Ray

Meditation to Re-connect with Your Inner Self

Pain Body and your Emotions

Generally, unconscious mind is attached to the emotional pain body. Your depressions, fear, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotional states are attached to the emotional pain body. Emotional pains can be very personal to you, inherited from your family, or part of the collective unconscious pain body. As you feel pain, it is an enjoyment for the unconscious mind. Pain body creates fragmented mindsets. Soul re-connection is a special type of meditation, where you can isolate your pain body and negative emotions from your true self.

Bliss Body and your Connection with your Soul

Ego is associated with your emotional pain body but your soul is linked with your emotional bliss body. Purpose of meditation is to re-discover your eternal self. Pain body enjoys stressful and fearful situations and it attracts the negative emotions from the environment. Bliss body enjoys happy, joyful, decisive, caring, and creative aspects of life.  When you connect with your soul, you activates your bliss body and attracts the positive emotions from the environment. 

“Ego is associated with your emotional pain body but your soul is linked with your emotional bliss body. Purpose of meditation is to re-discover your eternal self.” — Amit Ray

Power of Connected Soul

A connected soul is fearless, caring, and exhibit integrity at all times. Your inner being is your guardian, and primal source of intuition, and insight. Your inner self is the true empowered force within you. Through soul re-connection meditation you can connect with your inner being and rediscover the power within yourself. Through inner connection, you will be able to remain calm and resilient in the face of adversity from the outer world. Connection with your inner self is all that is required to break identification with your pain body and to access the power of your blissful pure being.

Balancing Inner World and Outer World

You may need to make few changes to align your inner world with the outer world. When you clear away the old clutters and create new space in life, you lay a new foundations and build more authentic structures of life. Inner harmony can help you to stop fragmenting your life and provide passion, enthusiasm, direction, and wholeness.

In unclear mind, in the moments of fuzziness you can develop a fighting, striving, and struggling external life. When your energy is focused exclusively on the outer world, you are living a shallow life and missing your full potential.  

Through soul re-connection chakra meditation you can connect with your pure being and you develop a relaxed and sharp alertness mind state. This sharp alertness awakens the subtle power of your unconsciousness mind. The seeds awareness you sow, become the roots of your skillful thoughts, words and actions. This sharp alertness creates a wide inner space of peace and happiness. As you start to create space within yourself, new ideas, new opportunities, new connections will begin to bubble up into your life and conscious mind. It will allow new guidance, energy and support to rush into you. The key benefits of soul re-connection meditation is as follows:

  1. A feeling of inner peace, happiness and joy
  2. Becoming more resilient and less vulnerable to stress
  3. Improves decisiveness and clarity of mind
  4. Develops the ability to make rational and balanced decisions
  5. Un-blocks the flow of life energy and connect with the higher consciousness
  6. Greater emotional stability
  7. Better relationships
  8. Enjoying being who you are
  9. Feeling more in control
  10. Greater fulfillment and life satisfaction
  11. Higher spiritual fulfillment
  12. Strengthen the immunity system by connecting with the higher healing energy

Soul re-connection Meditation Online Skype Class

Anyone can attend the online class, whoever is interested to get rid of the negative emotions, overthinking mind and attract positive life energies and higher fulfillment.  

If you are interested for Skype Online Soul re-connection Meditation you can register here.  Generally, Skype meditation classes of Dr. Ray having two sessions. Each session is typically 45 minutes to 60 minutes long one-to-one guidance. Skype classes will be held on individual basis based on mutually agreed and convenient date and time.  During the online meditation session you will be given appropriate study material, meditation guidance, advice and mentoring. You will also have a chance to discuss meditation issues and meditative techniques.