Mindfulness Online Teacher Training Course

Mindfulness Online Teacher Training Course

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Mindfulness Teacher Training Course

Mindfulness is not just paying attention to your experiences in the present moment. It is much more than that. It is the art and science of bringing peace, tranquility, beauty, and deep relaxation in your life. It is a systematic and step by step process. Learn mindfulness from the true masters. It much more that just breath awareness. Your non-judgmental awareness, curiosity, compassion, beautification, acceptance and beyond are explored. You will learn the modern neuroscience, psychology and the ancient wisdom of mindfulness meditation, which can help you to live life more fully and with a greater sense of perspective. 

Mindfulness Online Teacher Training Course

Are you ready for the 8-weeks course?

These eight weeks offer a taste of a new mindfulness course. This course is both for the new comers and for those who have already completed a 8-weeks mindfulness course in other institutes and want to explore mindfulness more deeply in a new way. Moreover, this course enriched by recent findings of neuroscience, psychological and the ancient yoga, vipassana and chakra techniques.  In addition, this course offer fresh insights into the way your attention and subconscious mind work, how choices are formed, and predictions are made.

“Mind is a flexible mirror adjust it – to see a better world.” – Sri Amit Ray

The Course Contents

Week 1: Fundamentals of Mindfulness and Befriending the Mind

Week 2: Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence the Missing Link

Week 3: Integrating Mindfulness in Everyday life – The Seven Techniques

Week 4: Mindfulness and Restoring the Inner Balance

Week 5: Exploring and Handling Difficult Emotions

Week 6: Cultivating Deep Compassion in Difficult Situations

Week 7: Enlightenment Processes and the Seven steps

Week 8: Discovering the Deep Joy within and the Universal Love.

“If you want to conquer anxiety in life – live in the moment, live in the breath.” – Sri Amit Ray

Course Fees $500 USD

The details of the mindfulness meditation classes:

Course Fees: $500.00 USD
Duration: 8 Weeks
Location: Online via Skype / ZOOM/ WhatsApp
Benefits: Learn to meditate and enjoy a happier, healthier life.


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How it Works

After you register and submit your payment for an online session, you are notified by email and offered a a set of choices for the dates and times for the online session. Then, you choose one, and confirm by email. You can always email us, if you have a special preference.

Then the session follows – a session designed for you to learn the meditation tailored to your taste temperament or need. Moreover, you receive the energy of the Master on a one on one session and learn through an interactive experience.

Sri Amit Ray has deep experience and will explain the fundamentals and deeper aspects of mindfulness meditation and will guide you through the practice to a state of focus, calm and wellbeing.

Course Certificates

E-Certificate from IISCIM

Complete the Teachers Training Online Course successfully to obtain this prestigious recognition from International Institute of Scientific Meditation (IISCIM).

Mindfulness Meditation Certificate Course
“Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.” – Sri Amit Ray

Frequently Asked Questions


The process for signing up is incredibly simple, and if you have any questions you can always contact us. You simply complete the booking form and submit your payment. You will receive an email with a set of choices for the dates and times for the online session of meditation. After you confirm one, or ask for any change, you will receive a confirmation email for the schedule of your online meditation class. After that, your meditation teacher contacts you with the Skype/ ZOOM info. And you’re good to go!
The fees for our online mindfulness meditation Teachers Training Course is $500 USD.
You get all the benefits of traditional meditation. Meditation reduces amygdala activity, increases parasympathetic nervous system activity, and balances chemicals like cortisol. It is excellent for relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety relief. But it goes much further. At the subtler level, meditation clears your energy channels of blockages and clears your auric field. The main benefit of a private online meditation lesson is that your teacher guides you through the process, taking note of your individual problems and difficulties. She helps you to find the right meditation technique, and teaches it to you in-person, so you have a powerful tool to heal your mind.


"Thank you the best online Mindfulness Teachers Training Course. It covered every aspects of mindfulness meditation, and leadership. The course was very informative, well organized, interesting, clear, and complete. I really loved it.

Susan Wilson

Susan Wilson

Human Resource Manager, P&T Cont., UK

"I was new to meditation. I wouldn't have had the confidence or the competence without your wonderful training. The most interesting aspect of the lesson is that I always felt I was right there with the flow of divinity."

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson

Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, California, USA

Thanks to Dr. Ray. I now have a much more positive outlook on life now. I can warmly recommend this Mindfulness course to anyone who is suffering work-related stress. Sharing experiences with fellow learners is therapy itself.

Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson

If you want a way to be more present, centered and grateful in your life, join this mindfulness course. If you want scientific/medical validation for something that sounds esoteric...do it. If you want the guidance, encouragement and support of great facilitators, active mentors than do it."

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore


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