How Om Chanting Can Help You to Discover the Kingdom of God Within You

How Om Chanting Can Help You to Discover the Kingdom of God Within You

Om Chanting for Discovering the Kingdom of God Within You

Sri Amit Ray talks about accessing the kingdom of God that is within you, in the light of Om chanting and Om meditation. 

The kingdom of God is a metaphor – metaphor of transformation into more creative, more conscious, more caring, loving and fulfilling life with the fellow beings. It talks about the higher inner dimensions of human soul. It is about discovering the inner treasures like: inner strength, adaptability, acceptability, resilience, forgiveness, and caring power that is within us.  Om chanting and Om meditation has tremendous power to activate these inner powers. Om chanting has several benefits and it is an art – a systematic step by step process.

Om Chanting for Discovering The Kingdom of God Within You by Amit Ray

True kingdom is the deep feelings of love with the wholeness or fullness of the world. This kingdom was meant not to be taught, but to be self-discovered.  It is about realizing and unfolding our best inner qualities for the service of the humanity and the environment where we live.  The essence of the kingdom is transformation that would happen inside us and within the world where we live. Rather than being imposed from the outside, it all about remaking ourselves for betterment from the inside. God will bring heaven to earth only when our love for all beings are complete and genuine. 

Om meditations can make you more focused, caring, strong, and decisive. It can give you strong inner strength, which inspire people to follow you because you will become more courageous, confident, clear minded, big hearted, and big thinker. By practicing Om chanting, you will be able to face the  tough questions and challenges of life more smoothly and efficiently. The seven dimensions of inner power through Om chanting are as follows:

1 Om Chanting and Self-awareness

Om chanting improves self-awareness and with self-awareness, you can see yourself without deception or distortion. You will know your strengths and positive traits in much better and deeper way. You can explore the new possibilities of life in much focused and clear way.  You will not be carried away by the outside storms or winds. You will be deeply anchored with your deep inner being.

2. Om Chanting to Improve your Adaptability

Om chanting improves your adaptability skill. Adaptability refers to how easily you can adjust to change. Today’s world is constantly changing. Adaptability is the mindset to accept the changes and finding out the advantages from these changes.  You need to be comfortable with certain amount of uncertainty and develop mindset to overcome uncertainty. Know that the struggles are often opportunities to build deep inner strength. See adaptability as an way for self-improvement.  Om chanting with proper breathing exercises can help you to come out of the struggles. 

The Kingdom of God Amit Ray quotes

3. Om Chanting and Self-improvement 

Om chanting  help you to find out your hidden strengths. Your hidden strengths are skills that often you underestimate or under-rate mostly because you may lack confidence.  Om chanting gives you the power to find out your true passion and your true purpose of life. It builds confidence in you and it nourishes your soul to blossom the most beautiful flower in you.

4. Om Chanting for better Relationships

Om chanting and meditation will offset your own inadequacies and help you to work with people who could compliment and leverage your strength. It will help you to develop deep and rich relationship with the world and the people around you. Om chanting increases your focus on the present moment. It removes the negative stream from your memory and help you see the positive aspects of life.

5. Om Chanting to Improve your Learning Capability and Memory

Great peoples are life-long learners always looking for further development of their knowledge, competencies and skills. Om chanting helps both short and long term memory improvements.   It can help you to connect with all possible dimensions of  improvements. You can sort out what is important and helpful for you at every moment. It improves your memory, to retain data in your brain.

6. Om Chanting to Control your Emotions

Being able to control your emotions is key to your happiness as well as your relationships. By controlling your emotions you can bring out the best in yourself and in other people.  Om chanting, prepares you ahead of time and you will find that the problematic emotion goes away before it interferes with your life.

7. Om Chanting for Positive Mindset

Life is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you have a positive mindset.  A positive mindset can give you more confidence, improve your mood, and even reduces stress related problems.  You can relax and experience humor, even in tough time. Om chanting increases your awareness and with Om chanting you can turn negative self-talk  into positive self-talk.


Kingdom of God is about discovering the treasures like inner strength, adaptability, acceptability, resilience, forgiveness, and caring power that is within each of us. With commitment and dedication to proper Om chanting and Om meditation techniques, you can become a mentally strong person whose inner strength shines through.

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Excerpt from the talk Given by Dr. Amit Ray, at the Rabindranath Tagore Center, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Kolkata