How Om Meditation Can Improve Your Creativity

How Om Meditation can Improve Your Creativity

Om Meditation and Creativity

Creativity needs relaxed, spacious, sharp, and clear mindset. Om meditation makes our mind spacious, relaxed, sharp and clear. 

Creativity is essential for success in every endeavor of life. Being creative will help you to stand out from the crowd. Om meditation will show you a way for new thinking. It can give you the ability to challenge the status quo and redefine the boundaries.  

Om meditation provides us the capacity to come out of the autopilot mode. It helps us to find the hidden patterns in chaos. It helps us to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate new solutions for complex problems. 

 Om Meditation and Creativity

Om meditation is not just a technique. It is a set of ancient tools that connect you with the higher dimensions. As you get your connection to the higher source, your creativity increases. Creativity is to create something new with original ideas to resolve complex problems. Often creative solutions are different from the traditions. The journey of creativity is not linear. Often you need to change the line of your thoughts and for that you need insights and visions. 

In the modern volatile and complex environment sometimes plans do not work as devised. What will you do? The ability to adapt, the ability to pivot, is crucial in every sphere of modern life.  Here, “pivoting” refers to the ability to completely change course when something isn’t working out. A successful pivoting lies in your ability to execute your new plans with as much insight and passion as you had for the original. Om meditation improves your power of pivoting and adaptability. 

Meditation and New Neural Pathways

OM Meditation BookScientists observed that creativity needs new pathways in our brain. The good news is that current brain research, as evidenced by MRI scans, is showing that as little as five minutes of meditation a day can build  new neural connections that can lead to profound and lasting benefits emotionally, educationally and creatively. Om meditation eliminates rigid and fixed views about the world. It creates a spacious, flexible and open views about the world.

Foundation of OM Meditation:

Om meditation is done not just on the cushion but spread in the daily activities.  The foundation of Om meditation is awareness, equanimity, peace, compassion and positive intention in present moment.  It focuses on the freedom of every sentient being.   Open monitoring develops equanimity.  It removes the mental clutters of negative thinking. 

“The foundation of Om meditation is awareness, equanimity, peace, compassion and positive intention in present moment.” – Amit Ray

Om the Self-organizing Power

Om has many layers. In one level Om is the self-organizing power of the universe and self-awareness is the process to access that power. Developing your self-awareness helps you learn more about yourself.  It is the ability to recognize and understand your emotions and how they impact your behavior. It is also understanding the inner-talks and cultivating the habit of positive self-talk.  In Om meditation, self-observation and self-distancing helps people to transcend their egocentric impulses. It will help you to remain unbiased in critical situations of life. 

Om Meditation to Overcome Unskillful Habits 

The capacity to stay in the present moment provides a pathway to overcoming unskillful habits of mind that cause us to suffer needlessly, and improves our ability to be fully aware participants in our own lives, and allows us to enhance our creative process.  Om meditation makes our mind happy and clear. Acts of kindness and compassion come from a feeling of wellbeing. 

Om Meditation and Creative Thinking

Om meditation makes our mind spacious. It gives the freedom for focus and divergent thinking. Divergent thinking refers to the ability to come up with lots of different ideas. For creativity, divergent thinking is very important.  Several scientific studies demonstrate that the people who come up with the most creative ideas are typically those who come up with the most ideas overall. 

Be Curious and Passionate:

Remember Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” He said “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Curiosity and creativity are closely interlinked.  Always be curious. Never stop asking questions. Learn and read new things.

Curiosity can give you a smarter life and help you recognize the pivot.  If you’re curious, you want to know something new.  You want to understand and get some new knowledge and new insights. In Om meditation, curiosity automatically arises. You pay more attention to notice what’s happening in your inner world and outer world. You are the observer of your feelings. You pay more attention to the facts and the underline truth. As you understand truth,  the truth opens up the door of creativity.  

“Om meditation eliminates rigid and fixed views about the world. It creates a spacious, flexible and open views about the world.” — Amit Ray

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