Quantum Machine Learning Online Course

Learn Quantum Machine Learning Online.

Learn Quantum Neural Network, Classical-quantum hybrid learning algorithms and other algorithms. Quantum machine learning is new emerging subject and evolving first. We conduct online course on quantum machine learning.  The course is conducted through online Skype sessions at mutually convenient date and time. 
There will be total Eight online Sessions. One on each week.
The duration of each session is about an hour. 
The course includes lectures, discussions, and study material in PDF file.  
Total course fee for the Eight Sessions = Rs. 35000/- INR or ($500 USD)
This is one-on-one online coaching. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of  quantum machine learning. The course covers the theoretical frameworks and the current research on QML. You will learn the opportunities and challenges of quantum machine learning. 

Content of the Quantum Machine Learning Course

The course content is as follows: 

Module 1: Quantum Computing Fundamentals
Module 2: Classical Machine Learning Fundamentals
Module 3: Deep Intelligence Frameworks 
Module 4: Classical-quantum hybrid learning algorithms
Module 6: Quantum Machine Learning Modules
Module 7: Quantum Neural Network
Module 8: Quantum Boltzmann Machine
Module 9: Quantum Principal Component Analysis
Module 10: Quantum k-means algorithm
Module 11: Quantum Bayesian Networks
Module 12: Quantum Support Vector Machines
Module 13: Quantum Reinforcement Learning
Module 14: 10 Properties Quantum Machine Learning

Total course fee for the Eight Sessions =  $500 USD.