Rainbow Body Meditation, Compassion and 114 Chakras

Rainbow Body Meditation and Compassion Sri Amit Ray Teachings

How to cultivate Rainbow Body? Sri Amit Ray talks about compassion and roles of the 114 chakras and the 72000 nadis to cultivate the Rainbow Body or the body of light.

One of the objectives of meditation is to reach higher planes of consciousness. The purpose of rainbow body meditation is to uplift your consciousness and become one with your true divine nature. It is identifying and experiencing the Godliness that is within you. With this meditation, you can access your divine lighted energy bodies. 

Rainbow Body Meditation Sri Amit Ray Teachings

Rainbow Body Meditation

God and your energy bodies

The Greek word, God comes from the verb meaning “run,” “see,” or “burn.” These are all “energy” words. It is the God’s energies, or “grace,” which is flowing within us. Here, “God” means the ultimate source, meaning, and Truth of all beings and all things. Hence, accessing your own energy bodies is the easiest way to establish direct relationship with the Supreme God Consciousness. All things, animate and inanimate, are the manifestations of the Supreme Self or God Consciousness. 

Rainbow body meditation

Rainbow Body meditation is contemplating on seven the divine fires to purify and transform your soul. It is the process of awakening by opening the 16 celestial chakras and the 14 celestial energy channels (nadis). Rainbow meditation includes the use various divine images, symbols, and seed mantras. Moreover, it covers various phases of replacing the  negative mental energies into positive energies. When you understand the full body 114 chakras map, Rainbow Body meditation will be easy.

It also involves consciously experiencing the new states as they arise. You can consciously create the firing and transforming experiences. In addition, you may need to simply resting or sitting in the divine experience for long time as long as possible.

Purification of the Seven Cycles of Life

A cycle is a pattern that repeats. There are a lot of cycles within the human body, mind and spirit system. These cycles are purified by the seven rainbow colors. The colors of the rainbow are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

For the purification of each cycle there are seven special seed mantras. Each mantra starts with the prefix “Om” and ends with the mantra “Swaha.”  The goddess Swaha is the female counterpart of the fire God Agni and they co-exist in every purification process. 

1. Life cycle – Red color fire

Fire of life covers the process of birth and death.  Moreover, as we evolve, we experience a new cycle every seven years in our state of consciousness. The cycles of seven, fourteen, and twenty-one all deal with internal changes, and the cycle of twenty-eight is the first step in external integration with the rest of the world.

2. Seasonal cycle – Orange color fire

Your brain, body and mind reacts and adjusts to the changing seasons. For example, the arrival of autumn brings shorter days. The progressive reduction of the hours of light changes our mood, making us more subject to mild states of anxiety and depressions. The seasonal cycle is purified by meditating on orange color light.

3. The seven day cycle – Yellow color fire

The moon has four distinct phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon and third quarter, each of these approximately seven days apart. These four distinct phases of moon has influence on our life. 

4. Sleep-wake cycle – Green color fire

A circadian rhythm or circadian cycle, is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep–wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. These cycles are triggered by body’s internal clock and the chemicals in the brain. The sleep–wake cycle is purified by meditating on green color light.

5. REM-Non-REM Sleep Cycle – Blue color fire

As you sleep, your body cycles through non-REM and REM sleep. The cycle is repeated three to four times each night. The REM and NREM sleep cycle is purified by meditating on blue color fire. It purifies your dreams

6. Breathing cycle – Indigo color fire 

Meditating on the breathing cycle is an ancient technique to purify the mind. Our breathing consists of repetitive cycles of inhalation and exhalation. With inhalation oxygen enters the lungs and with exhalation carbon dioxide is released. The breath cycle is purified by the indigo color fire.

7. Brain cycle – Violet color fire

Scientists observed that when your right nostril is dominant, the left brain hemisphere is more active. Similarly,  when the left nostril is more active the right brain hemisphere is dominant.  The brain hemispheres are dominant in a rhythmical fashion. Moreover, the airflow and resistance in each nasal airway alternates from 4 to 8 time a day. The cooperation between the right and left brain is essential for accessing higher consciousness. The brain cycle is purified by the violet color fire.

The 114 Chakras Meditations

The 114 Chakras Meditations


You can access your higher energy bodies through meditation. There are 16 celestial chakras and 14 celestial energy channels in human body. They are useful for spiritual vision, astral projection, and higher world meditation. Rainbow Body or the body of light is linked to seven lights purification process and the celestial energy channels.