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Ray 114 Chakra System Course Overview:

You will learn both the ancient wisdom and modern science behind the 114 chakras as revealed to Sri Amit Ray. You will learn the names, locations and the functions of the 114 chakras. You will learn: What really are the 114 chakras? How they are interlinked? How they are helpful in human life? You will know the 7, 12, 21 and 114 chakra systems.  You will learn the art of chakra healing and balancing. The course also includes guided meditations. 

This course is an in-depth dive into one of the most practical systems of spirituality. Without chakra balancing achieving Higher stages of meditation is difficult. This course will give you step-by-step guide for chakra balancing. Personal one-on-one coaching. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of chakra energy systems. You can locate the 114 Chakras in the body. Master your energy body and master your life.

There are three courses: basic course, certificate course and the teachers training course. The details of the three courses  are as follows: 

Course Highlights

Basic Course

Certificate Course

Teachers Training Course

$100 USD  

(Rs. 7000 INR)

$200 USD

(Rs. 14000 INR)

$500 USD

(Rs. 35000 INR)

Certificate from IISCIM

Complete the Teachers Training course successfully to obtain this prestigious recognition from International Institute of Scientific Meditation (IISCIM)

A 200 hour meditation teachers training is spread over 200 hours. The hours of your involvement  includes your online classes, home study, meditation practices, yoga exercises and healing practices at your home at your convenient time.

Ray 114 Chakras Healing and Meditation Course of Sri Amit Ray


The online meditation classes are provided by Sri Amit Ray, as one-to-one online Skype / WhatsApp sessions at mutually convenient date and time. Depending on the course the number of session varies. The duration of each session is about an hour. The course includes guided meditations, discussions, and study material.
Upon completion of the online registration and payment process, you will be informed by email, about the date and time of your meditation classes, which are mutually adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Procedure

For International students Payment is handled by PayPal. They also take credit cards. Please see the terms and conditions.

For the participants living in India, payment is handled by PayUmoney or you can Bank Transfer the amount. 


You’ll receive study materials in pdf file format, as well as a broad spectrum other resources, including access to many audios. All through the course, you’ll have opportunities to ask questions.

Refund Policy

This is non-refundable but may be transferred to any other upcoming training course. We reserves the right to postpone/cancel an event, or change the location of an event if required.

Course work

You can do your meditation practices, chakra evaluation, yoga exercises, home study at your home at your convenient time.  


The hours of your involvement  includes your online classes, home study, meditation practices, yoga exercises and healing practices at your home at your convenient time.


The online meditation classes and guidance are provided by Sri Amit Ray, as one-to-one sessions by using the Skype or WhatsApp software. 

Student Reviews

Thank you for the excellent training. The course was challenging but very informative, well organized, interesting, clear, and complete. I loved it.
Nancy Williams
Consultant, Texas
I attended many meditation classes all over the world but Dr.Ray's this 114 chakra healing and meditation class is the best. It covered every aspects of deep meditation, spirituality and healing. Without completing this course my knowledge was incomplete. Thanks to Dr. Ray.
Andrew Brown
Yoga Teacher, Manchester
I was new to this. I wouldn't have had the confidence or the competence without your wonderful training. The most interesting aspect of this course is that you feel you are right there with the flow of divinity.
Kunal Shetty
Company Director, Mumbai