Resilience Building Master Course With 21 Chakras

There are 21 chakras in our body which are deeply related to resilience building. When some chakras are unbalanced, underactive, or overactive, you may feel fear, anger, frustration, guilt, inadequacy, low self-esteem, insecurity, and a lack of decision-making capability. However, when the 21 resilience-related chakras are in balance, you get better life satisfaction, emotional stability, and happiness.

Resilience Building Master Course With the 21 Chakras

Resilience Building Master Course With the 21 Chakras

Resilience gives you the capacity to handle the odd things of life efficiently. Resilience allows you to plan, monitor, and manage your behavior, allowing you to respond to adversity with adaptability and thrive successfully. It gives you motivation, a sense of purpose, better performance, and self-efficiency in every situation.

With emotional resilience, you can not only deal with the situation effectively; you can also safeguard yourself from the emotional devastation and drainage of mental energies. Resilient individuals drive healthy coping styles and are better equipped to meet the challenges of life.

There is a positive correlation between resilience, life satisfaction, and leadership skills. There are 114 chakras in human body, this resilience building course is focused on the 21 primary chakras.

This is a 9-week resilience development course. This course was originally developed for some of our meditation students who work in different fields of life, such as students, CEOs, sports personalities, and software professionals, but now it is available for everyone. This course is also meant to reduce mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion caused by long-term stress at work, school, or life problems.

Who Can Attend this Course?

This course is suitable for students, CEOs, professionals, entrepreneurs, faculty members of management institutes, software professionals, general meditation and spiritual practitioners, doctors, nurses, healers, or anyone who is interested in improving their resilience, leadership qualities, emotional balance, confidence, and clarity of mind.

You will know the five types of resilience:

  • Physical resilience
  • Energy body resilience
  • Mental resilience
  • Emotional resilience
  • Social resilience

You will learn the fifteen resilience building skills:

  • Self Confidence
  • Self Awareness
  • Self-empowerment 
  • Social bonding and detachment skills
  • Manifestation and Success Formulas
  • Seeing problems as opportunities
  • Inner Child Purification
  • Past-life Karma Purification
  • Sleep and Dream Purification
  • Concentration and mindpower
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self compassion
  • Positive Relationships
  • Focus on purpose in the present moment
  • Cosmic and divine trust development.

Key Resilience Building Steps:

  1. Fundamentals of resilience building
  2. Know your 21 resilience chakras
  3. Balance and improve your resilience chakras
  4. Confidence building exercises
  5. The 21 Chakras and your resilience
  6. Positive Vs. Negative Thinking: Overcoming the negative thoughts
  7. Perseverance and resilience building exercises
  8. Discover how to strive without burning out
  9. See problems as opportunities,
  10. Find alternate paths to achieve goals.

The Course Contents

The course structure varies depending on individuals’ needs and capabilities. However, the general content of the modules of the course are as follows:

  1. Fundamentals of Resilience Building
  2. The 21 key chakras for resilience building. 
  3. Emotion management and confidence building exercises
  4. Self-empowerment exercises
  5. Exercises to improve your brain Synchronization
  6. Exercises for Top brain and Down brain integration.
  7. 7 mantras for success, memory, and blissfulness.
  8. Mind-body co-ordination exercises.
  9. Inner Child Purification Exercises
  10. Dream and Sleep Purification Exercises
  11. Karma Clearing Exercises
  12. Transforming problems into opportunities.
  13. Concentration practices on activities.
  14. Use of color and geometry for resilience chakra balancing
  15. Exercises for building connections with the energy channels (Nadis).
  16. Hand-eye coordination exercises.
  17. Visualization practices.
  18. Memory enhancement exercise.
  19. Strategies to follow up for continuous improvement of your resilience.

Course Fees $500 USD


Course Fees: $500 USD (Rs. 35,000/- INR)
Duration: 9 Weeks (Total 9  One Hour Sessions )
Location: Online via Skype / ZOOM/ WhatsApp/ Google Meet
Benefits: The student will learn the 21 chakras and meditation techniques for confidence, relaxation and emotional stability; various mantra chanting techniques for brain synchronization. Learn various mind body connections techniques.
Study Material: You will get eight PDF Files as Exercises and Study Material.


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Each meditation sessions will be full with different types of engagement without giving mental strain. The purpose is to train the brain to better resilience, hold focus, and improve memory.

This course is not a quick fix, but rather offers a deep, intelligent, slow, and incremental approach to enhance  resilience, mental power and attention. 

Please note, these lessons are intended for personal enrichment and are not designed to diagnose or treat serious mental illness or to serve as a substitute for competent mental health treatment.

How it Works

After you register and submit your payment for an online session, you are notified by email and offered a a set of choices for the dates and times for the online session. You choose one, and confirm by email. You can always email us, if you have a special preference.

Each session is designed for you to enhance your resilience, attention and mindpower. The course is tailored to the individual’s needs and requirements.

Sri Amit Ray has many years of deep meditation experience in Himalaya and will explain the fundamentals and deeper aspects of meditations in its non-dual purest form and will guide you through the practice to a state of deep spirituality, concentration, focus, calmness and total wellbeing.

The online meditation classes are provided by Sri Amit Ray, as one-to-one online Skype / WhatsApp sessions at mutually convenient date and time. Depending on the course the number of session varies. The duration of each online session is about an hour. The course includes guided meditations, discussions, and study material.

Upon completion of the online registration and payment process, you will be informed by email, about the date and time of your meditation classes, which are mutually adjustable.


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