Sri Rudram Advanced Meditation and Chanting Online Course

Sri Rudram meditation and chanting is beneficial to both one’s health, healing, prosperity, and happiness. By meditating on the Rudra mantras, fear is dispelled, and the mind’s paradoxes and obscurations are dispelled, as well. Sri Rudram is the holiest of all prayers dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The course covers how the chakras and the nadis are associated with the cosmic awakening of Sri Rudram. 

Fears are common to the human experience. By meditating or reciting the Rudra mantra in the right way and doing it regularly, while keeping devotion and mental focus, one can find relief from a wide range of worries, stresses, anxieties, and diseases.

More than mantra chanting, you will understand the deeper meanings of the Sri Rudram and the cosmic connection.

Sri Rudram teaches humanity how to pray to God for forgiveness for their known and unknown past misdeeds as well as what to seek from God. It shows ways to come out of the difficulties. It is also shows the ways to realize the supreme.

During the Pradosha moments of the day, which is regarded to be a time that is auspicious for the worship of Lord Shiva, it is usual practice to meditate or recite verses from the Sri Rudram.

The course primarily focused on deep meditations, and identification of the powerful mantras for your specific requirements.  There are 169 mantras. You can listen the chanting of the mantras.  Here, you will know 11 specific mantras to overcome your difficulties. 

Course Details

This is a 9-week course. In each week there will be one online class. Total there will be nine classes. The course structure varies depending on individuals’ needs. However, there are in total Nine on line classes.  Each class is about one hour long.

Primarily, the course contains the meditation techniques, mantra chanting basics, benefits of the mantras, purification of the inner worlds, adoration of Lord Shiva, the nature of fulfilling the 347 types of wishes, and virtues. 

However, the general content of the eleven modules is as follows:

1. Fundamentals of Sri Rudram – Different Rituals, Daily Practices, Benefits (Do and Don’ts)

2. Healing and wish fulfilling aspects of Sri Rudram

3. Adoration and Praise of Lord Shiva and Sri Rudram – (Namakam)

4. Getting Blessings and fulfilling the intentions – (Chamakam)

5. Nine Meditation Techniques of Sri Rudram for health, healing, and prosperity

6. Eleven key mantras for healing, health and prosperity

7. Basics of Mantra Chanting Techniques

8. Rhythm, Intonations and Meters of Chanting Sri Rudram

9. Abhishekam of Shiva Lingam with Sri Rudram

10. The manta structures and the philosophies Sri Rudram

11. Daily chanting and practices of Sri Rudram

12. Mantra chanting, meditations, inner worship, and outer worship methods.

13. Spiritual significance and Cosmic Connections of Sri Rudram.

14. Sri Rudram mantra and the selected 21 chakras from the 114 chakras (the energy center purification). 

15. Sri Rudram mantras and its link to the 11 nadis of the 72000 Nadis (the energy channel purification).

16. Sri Rudram and Supreme Realization.


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