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The 12 Meridians and Healing Herbs

The 12 Meridians, Ayurvedic Herbs and the 72000 Nadis

Many of my students requested me to write about the relationships between the 12 meridians, the ayurvedic herbs, and the 72,000 nadis. This article explores how the 12 meridians and the associated Ayurveda herbs work in harmony to promote holistic well-being.

The relationships between the 12 meridians, Ayurvedic herbs, and the 72,000 nadis highlight the intricate interplay of energy systems within the body and beyond. Here, you will know the details of the 12 meridians, the 8 extra meridians, Yin and Yang organs, and the associated Ayurveda herbs.

In TCM, the 12 meridians are considered the primary pathways through which Qi (vital energy) flows. Each meridian is associated with specific organs and functions. Normally, we consider the 12 meridians to be part of the 72,000 Nadis energy network. The 114 chakras and the 12 meridians are deeply interlinked.

The connection between TCM’s 12 meridians and Ayurvedic herbs lies in their shared goal of achieving harmony and balance within the body. By addressing imbalances in the meridians using appropriate Ayurvedic herbs, individuals can support the flow of Qi and promote overall well-being.

While, the 72,000 nadis gives  a broader exploration of energy channels and their impact on holistic well-being. However, by addressing imbalances in the meridians or the nadis using appropriate Ayurvedic herbs, individuals can support the flow of Qi and promote overall well-being.… Read more..

Ayurveda and the 7 Chakras: A Comprehenshive Step By Step Guide

Understanding the connections between Ayurveda and the chakras is essential for the holistic healing process. Both Ayurveda and the chakra system provide multiple methods for restoring harmony and balance to the body-mind system. The combination of Ayurveda and the chakras enables a more comprehensive and interconnected approach to well-being, addressing both the physical, mental, and subtler aspects of an individual.

In this article, we explain the relationships between Ayurveda and the 7 major chakras and related herbs for balancing the chakras. We’re going to discuss about each of the 7 chakras and the individual characteristics (doshas) and herbs of the energy centers.

ayurveda and chakras

Ayurveda and chakras

Are you wondering how Ayurveda is linked to the chakras? Perhaps you have heard about the 7 chakras, but you’re not sure what they are or how the imbalanced chakras can be balanced and the blockages of the chakras can be removed by using traditional and natural herbs. Here, we will explain the details.

Ayurveda and the Chakras

Ayurveda is a tradition in India for thousands of yearsAyurveda and the 7 chakras has a long history for healing, balancing and solving the physical, psychological and spiritual problems. The use of herbs and herbal combinations with yoga, mantra and meditations has many time tested combinational formulas to overcome the challenges of life.

Ayurveda means “the science of long life.” Ayurveda emphasizes the balance of three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These doshas are dynamic forces or energies that govern various physiological and psychological functions in the body. When these doshas are in balance, an individual experiences good health. However, imbalances in the doshas can lead to physical and mental disturbances.

Chakras are psychic energy centers in the body, each resembling a spinning disk or wheel. They are associated with various aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The chakras are thought to receive, process, and transmit energy throughout the body and surrounding environment. When the chakras are not balanced, they can become overactive or underactive.Thus, the energy flow through the chakras is either too much or too little, resulting in imbalances in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

Combining Ayurvedic and chakra-based holistic healing protocols strengthens the three types of life energies: Ojas, Tejas, and Prana. The integration of Ayurveda and chakra healing protocols aims to optimize the flow of Prana, ensuring vitality, balance, and harmonious functioning of the body-mind complex.

How many chakras?

There are 114 chakras in human body. Among these 114 chakras, the 7 chakras are major, 21 chakras are minor and the rest 86 chakras are micro chakras. To improve the effectiveness of balancing, clearing, diagnosis, treatment and healing a combined approach of the 114 chakra system and Ayurveda is essential. Here, we discussed the ancient wisdom of the 7 chakras and Ayurveda in a holistic way.Read More »Ayurveda and the 7 Chakras: A Comprehenshive Step By Step Guide