Chakras and their meanings

The human body has an amazing array of psychic energy vortexes. They are known as chakras. Each chakra has their unique emotional, personality, evolutional and spiritual meaning.

There are 114 chakras each has unique meaning.  Seven of them are very prominent but other 107 chakras are very important to bring balance and harmony in life.

Each chakra has their own symbol, color, psychology, energy, directions, evolution type, healing modalities and spiritual meaning. They are also connected with many mysteries spiritual dimensions.

Knowledge of the 72000 energy channels (nadis) of the human body is essential to know, understand and feel the chakras, especially for deep meditation and deep healing.

114 Chakra Meditation Class

You can feel the 7 chakras by traditional meditation, yoga exercises, breathing exercises and tai chi qigong exercises. You can feel the 114 chakras by Ray chakra meditation and healing techniques. The 114 chakras maps, list, books and the pdf files are explained in the online class.

72000 Nadi System Teachings Online Course

The energy channels of the body can be used to identify the the chakras. The 14 principal nadis and 72000 other nadis are explained in the class.

Unlocking the Chakra Symbols and Their Meanings Sri Amit Ray

Chakra Symbols and Their Meanings and Significance

“The chakra symbols are the hidden keys to open the mystical doors of your inner world. With the symbols you can access the energy, consciousness and the higher dimensions associated with the chakra.” – Sri Amit Ray

Each chakra represents a spiritual life lesson or challenge to help you evolve and grow. With the symbols you can gain more in-depth understanding of your personal and spiritual power.

In this article, you will understand the chakra symbols and their meanings. Symbols convey message which is hidden inside the chakra and the keys to open the mysteries. 

Chakra symbols are the psychic instruments and they can be used to re-align and re-balance your energy system.  Moreover, they can help you to learn how to overcome obstacles, let go of emotional blockages, and walk the path towards higher spiritual consciousness.

When your are using chakra symbols, you should know that all symbols are good and useful. All of them have specific uses. By working with the symbols you can have access to the energy and meaning that comes from the inner world. 

Here, you will know the chakra symbols for the 7 chakras as well as for the 114 chakras. You will also know the relationships between the 64 chakra vidyas and the codon purification.

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Ayurveda and the 7 Chakras A Step by Step Guide

Ayurveda and the 7 Chakras: A Step by Step Guide

Are you wondering how Ayurveda is linked to the chakras? Perhaps you have heard about the 7 chakras, but you’re not sure what they are or how the imbalanced chakras can be balanced and the blockages of the chakras can be removed by using traditional and natural herbs. 

Most people have a basic knowledge of the 7 chakras and they can tell you the location, color, and purpose,  but aren’t able to tell you about how to align the chakras with natural herbs.

Ayurveda and the 7 Chakras Vata Pitta Kapha Sri Amit Ray Teachings

In this article, we explain the relationships between Ayurveda and the 7 major chakras and related herbs for balancing the chakras. We’re going to talk about each of the 7 chakras and the individual characteristics (doshas) and herbs of the energy centers.

Ayurveda and the Chakras

Ayurveda is a tradition in India for thousands of yearsAyurveda and the 7 chakras has a long history for healing, balancing and solving the physical, psychological and spiritual problems. The use of herbs and herbal combinations with yoga, mantra and meditations has many time tested combinational formulas to overcome the challenges of life.

How many chakras?

There are 114 chakras in human body. Among these 114 chakras, the 7 chakras are major, 21 chakras are minor and the rest 86 chakras are micro chakras. To improve the effectiveness of balancing, clearing, diagnosis, treatment and healing a combined approach of the 114 chakra system and Ayurveda is essential. Here, we discussed the ancient wisdom of the 7 chakras and Ayurveda in a holistic way.Read More »Ayurveda and the 7 Chakras: A Step by Step Guide