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Ashwagandha: Health Benefits, Risks, and Side Effects

Do you want to improve your immunity? Are you facing difficulties with your cognitive functions or memory power? Do you wish to increase your level of relaxation? If so, the Awagandha herb may be right for you.

The benefits of Awagandha were discovered thousands of years ago as a powerful herb for natural healing and energy balancing. In the human body, there are 114 chakras. Ashwagandha herb is primarily used to remove the blockages of the Urja chakra, Sanjivani chakra, and the Ayus chakras.

This unique herb is high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and nutrients; read on to learn about its health benefits and how to use it.

Ashwagandha is a crucial herb in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of alternative medicine based on natural healing principles.  Ashwagandha activates the immunity chakras in the body. 

Ashwagandha contains compounds that may aid in brain relaxation, inflammation reduction, blood pressure reduction, and immune system modulation. Researches observed that it possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-stress, anti-oxidant, and rejuvenating properties [1, 2].


Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) established the WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine to improve the health of people and the planet. Study of the Ashwagandha benefits and application protocols is a key area of traditional medicine. Studies indicate the normal dosage of Ashwagandha is about 300 mg per day for about 8 weeks.Read More »Ashwagandha: Health Benefits, Risks, and Side Effects

Great leaders have three things – inner light, inner vision, and inner strength – Sri Amit Ray

As a leader, you should always learn how to build up your own inner strength and inner vision. It will help you to be able to deal with problems and bounce back from failures, which are inevitable given your higher roles in life. Inner strength is what gives you the strength to keep going.

Inner Light

You need to see the future to guide others. The light of your wisdom is very important to lead others. Relaxation and third-eye meditation is the key to inner light.

Great leaders have three things; inner light - Sri Amit Ray

When you are under pressure, prepare yourself by thinking about your responses and reactions to various situations all of the time. Take a moment to consider why you are responding in a particular way. Allow your optimism to guide you in making the best decisions possible when you’re under pressure.

“Great leaders have three things; inner light, inner vision, and inner strength.” – Sri Amit Ray

Great leaders have three things; inner light, inner vision, and inner strength.

Inner Strength

The power to overcome difficulties and move forward in every situation is the your inner strength. Your leadership skills like positivity, motivation, integrity, and creativity come when you have powerful inner strength and inner vision.

Learn to keep your focus fixed on your own strength. What is it that reignites your interest and motivations? What causes you to come to life? Instead of focusing on the things that make you feel unfulfilled, turn your attention to the things that make you feel fulfilled. Allow your focus to draw in what you desire as a reward.

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Mind is a Flexible Mirror; Adjust it, To See A Better World - Sri Amit Ray

Mind is a Flexible Mirror; Adjust it, To See A Better World – Sri Amit Ray

Your external reality is the manifestation of your internal reality. You need to improve your internal reality to improve your external reality. Meaning, you must first form the positive images, sensations, and feelings of what you desire in your brain and hold them there.

You attract what you focus your attention on. So, if you are unhappy with the way things are going in your life at present, the first thing you should do is change your mindset and see the world in a better way.

The universe itself will try to make itself look like the images you generated in your mind. This is according to universal principles of how things happen to be and how they are attracted. As a result, your external world will begin to reflect your internal vision. The 114 chakras and 72000 nadis in the human body is constantly interacting with the universe and manifesting things according to your subconscious intentions . 

Moreover, in order to live authentically, you must first become familiar with your mindsets. Then only can you develop a thorough understanding of your life. You may find yourself trying to convince people and ignoring who you truly are. It may be result of your relentless pursuit of external validation and success.

Mind is a flexible mirror


Top 10 Mindsets and the Flexibility of your Mind

In this post, we discussed top ten mindset types to see the world in a better way. With mindfulness you can change your mindset and improve your life.Read More »Mind is a Flexible Mirror; Adjust it, To See A Better World – Sri Amit Ray

Reticular Activating System for Manifestation and Visualization

Reticular Activating System for Manifestation and Visualization

How to use the Reticular Activating System part of the brain to improve your manifestation power? Sri Amit Ray talks about the techniques to purify and reprogram your reticular activating system for effective visualization and manifestation.

In this article, we explain how to reprogram your reticular activating system effectively to manifest your dreams.

Success in manifestation and Law of attraction needs clear vision, unshakable determination, and persistent smart work. Smart work means working efficiently with innovative ideas. However, smart work alone is not sufficient, you need to align with higher consciousness. You need to keep your focus consistently on your higher goals. To keep your focus consistently on your higher goals, you need purification of your reticular activating system. 

Here, we discussed the 7 techniques to purify the reticular activating system for higher manifestations.

Reticular Activating System for Manifestation Sri Amit Ray Teachings

Reticular Activating System for Manifestation

Your reticular activating system part of the brain can improve your manifestation and visualization power with mantra and exercises. Before deep-diving into the roles of RAS in manifestation of your dreams, let’s first understand Reticular Activating System in brief.Read More »Reticular Activating System for Manifestation and Visualization

how to do conscious breathing

Conscious Diaphragmatic Breathing Steps: Complete Guide

Do you know conscious breathing is the single most important intervention that can make you happy and healthy? It can help you to release the energy blockages in your whole system.

In this article, we explain the benefits of conscious breathing and the art of purifying the 23000 breaths of the day. You will learn the key conscious breathing techniques like mindful breathing, yoga breathing and diaphragmatic breathing.

Power of Conscious Breathing

Power of Conscious Breathing

Breathing is normally an automatic process. It is subconsciously controlled by the respiratory center at the base of the brain, in the brain stem. This part of the brain controls the basic breathing mechanisms that keep us alive, and maintain our heartbeats.

In normal breathing, you don’t have to think about each step of your breath. Your brain automatically adjusts your breathing steps, just as your brain will occasionally insert a sigh when you need more oxygen.

We still breathe when we are unconscious, or asleep. People can also control their breathing when they wish, for example during speech, singing, or voluntary breathing exercises. Researchers observed that, breathing mindfully slower and deeper improves arterial oxygenation, cardiac output, and pulmonary gas-exchange efficiency. Read More »Conscious Diaphragmatic Breathing Steps: Complete Guide

The power of manifestation - Amit Ray Quotes

Day 10: Brainwaves and the Power of Manifestation in The River of Life

“The river of life is full with possibilities and opportunities, the moment you put your full attention the flower blossom.” — Amit Ray

Manifestation starts when you have trust and believe in yourself. We are moving as a flowing energy in the unchanging consciousness. Our interactions in the world are just an exchange of energy. This energy system is responsible for making the reality before us. The manifestation occurs not just on a physical level but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well.

The river of life is full with possibilities - Amit Ray Qotes

The river of life is full with possibilities

During meditation your brainwaves change from Beta to Alpha, and, ultimately to Theta waves. In the alpha sate your brain sends lower-frequency brain waves of your intentions into the quantum field of all possibilities. During these stages of meditations, your awareness is very important for manifestation. 

Through attention we make reality. Attention is our ability to dynamically alter the origin and the route of the flow of information. Generally, attention can be described as purely an overall level of alertness or ability to engage with surroundings and inner feelings and experiences. The quantum attention functions for consciousness has six groups of attentions: spatial, temporal, sensory, inner feelings, perception, and deep oneness.Read More »Day 10: Brainwaves and the Power of Manifestation in The River of Life

Prayer for Healing and Connecting with the Higher Self

“Perfect prayer does not consist in many words, silent remembering and pure intention raises the heart to that supreme Power.” — Amit Ray

Prayer to Connect with Higher Self

Prayer for higher self is different from traditional prayer. Higher self is limitless in divinity and power. Higher self is formless, nameless, all-pervading eternal divinity. It is not associated with narrow things.  Prayer and meditation gives you the conscious connection with your higher self. The Divine Self, which is always trying to reach you and send you love, power, illumination, and wisdom. It is the central light of your the soul. It is ever aware and has been with you eternally. The Divine self is what re-vitalize you and makes you happy. 

Perfect Prayer Amit Ray Teachings

Meditations and prayers are the art of restoring yourself in the light, love, and power of this eternal Self. When you master the art of connection with the higher Self, you can  transfer healing energy to your loved one.  Connection with the Higher Self,  promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the body’s own immune system.Read More »Prayer for Healing and Connecting with the Higher Self

Yoga to Discover the Subtle Energies of Life

“Yoga is not just a repetition of few postures; it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.” ― Amit Ray

Subtle Chakra Yoga, incorporates micro-movements, dynamic breathing techniques, and guided meditations. It is an ancient art and science of dealing with the transformation and expansion of consciousness. The goal is to develop physical vitality and expanded consciousness.

Yoga Subtle Energies of Life Amit Ray

In this chakra yoga, you will learn to systematically train your mind and attune your body to hold higher frequencies of energy associated with the subtle divine energy within you. 

Even the modest practice of Subtle Chakra Yoga for twenty minutes a day, you will make substantial changes in your life. You may feel more relaxed, more energized, and more alive all at the same time. You will draw more positive things to you that you previously had to run after and your presence will become more magnetic.

Your life challenges may not disappear immediately, but you will develop the courage, acquire the willpower and cultivate the inner strength to deal with them in a new way. This ancient yoga practice focuses on breath, and specific soft and light yoga poses. If required, you may need to do mantra chanting, meditation, exercises, and visualizations.

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Time Quantum Physics Brain and the Eternity

How is time related to quantum physics, brain, beauty, spirituality and eternity?  How time-symmetry, time-reversal plays their roles in quantum physics, 114 chakra system and deep spirituality? These are two questions I want to address today.

Time Quantum Physics Brain Enlightenment and the Eternity

“Beauty is the moment when time vanishes. Beauty is the space where eternity arises.” — Amit Ray

1. What is the reality of time?

Time is not a philosophy – it is a physics – it is not even a physics – it is the doorway to the breath, beauty and eternity.  Some physicist says time is an illusion. Some mathematician says time is just a geometrical structure. Hence, it varies from person to person. In deep meditation, one of our objectives is to transcend the limits of time, so that we can touch the reality. 

Chakras are the inner doorways to reach the eternity. KAla Chakra in our brain is one of the vital chakras in our 114 chakra system, to transcend the limits of the time. Similarly,  Viraja nadi in our brain is  one of the key energy channels in our 72000 nadi system to transcend the boundaries of the time. 

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Heart Chakra The Anahata Chakra Green Chakra

Heart Chakra Healing: Everything you Need to Know

Heart chakra is also known as green chakra, 4th chakra or Anahata chakra. The heart chakra is located at the center of the spine at heart level.  It works as the individual’s center of compassion, empathy, love, joy, and forgiveness.

When your heart chakra is properly active and open, your life energy can bring a positive transformation in your life and in many lives. 

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

In human body there are 114 chakrasThe seven chakras are the primary energy centers of the body. The heart chakra is at the center of all the 114 chakras.

You’ve probably heard people talk about “unblocking the heart chakra”, which refers to the idea of the expansion of the heart energy. 

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