Day 5: Daily Teachings – Innovation, Adventure and Spirituality

Be a Columbus, smell the fragrance of the new lands and discover them. – Amit Ray

Coming out of the monotonous life:

Most of us really do end up with a safe and monotonous life. Our all thoughts revolve around the routine works. We want to follow the safest paths. We give very few chances to our desires, passions and ideals to fulfill. It is correct, many people wanted become Columbus but ended up with nothing. But that doesn’t mean adventure and innovation has no value. Choice is yours. You can be most optimistic people who dare to take risk and fulfill the dreams. Otherwise, you can be one who just follows others. Who never give any chance the real you to come out.

Be a Columbus - Innovation QuoteLife is to achieve something higher – something positive. Being the most optimistic person you can transcend many limits of the nature. That will give a huge impact on your consciousness. That will give a huge upliftment in your evolution. In life, especially in adventurous life, discouragement may come. But if you are committed to your highest potential, existence will support you with new energies to overcome the limits and discouragements. Of course, you need to enjoy the journey.… Read more..