evolution of life

Magic and Mystery of life – Science and Spirituality

What is the hidden truth behind life? Is it a mystery or just a chemical process? How universe takes care, so perfectly, its fragile creations? Science and spirituality of life can be explained in the light of quantum mechanics. Life is more than pleasure and pain. It is a dance of separateness and unity. Modern scientists have put a great deal of painstaking effort to unwrap the mystery life.  However, still it is not possible to replicate the formation of even simple organisms, or anything that can really replicate itself. Here, I discuss the science and mystery of life from different perspectives starting from Charles DarwinMax Planck and others.  I discuss  life in the light quantum physics and spiritual wisdom.

First Exploration to the Mystery of Life

On December 27, 1831, a  22 year old final year student of Cambridge, named Charles Darwin set sail on a journey on board HMS. Beagle. Darwin’s this voyage seems to be the beginning  to the exploration of biology, the scientific study of living organisms and how they have evolved.  What Darwin learned on his five-year voyage led directly to his development of the theory of evolution by natural selection, a theory that has become the core of the modern science of biology.… Read more..