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Best view of life Amit Ray Meditation Quotes

To get the Best View of Life

To get the best view of life, you have to reach heights above the life. — Amit Ray

In life you cannot judge everything from the ground. Not all good photographs are taken from the eye level. Your ‘point of view’ is most vital in life. If you’re looking for a new perspective on your life, the best thing to do is get up high. You may need more aerial views. Sometimes, if you’re looking for a deeper truth, you may need a microscopic view of life. Truth always remain the same only view points changes.

Best view of life Amit Ray Meditation Quotes

Best View of Life

Detachment is the key to meditation and detachments come when you see objects from different prospective, different orientations, and different view points.

In every field there is a point of view – such as spiritual point of view, political point of view, and scientific point of view. Generally, point of view usually refers to one’s personal values or beliefs, or what you can see or understand that another person may not, based on your unique perspective or orientation. There is a difference between angle of view and field of view – deals with angle and the linear distance. In 114 chakras meditation techniques, you observe the chakras from different angles, different distance, different prespectives and then the underline beauty and the truth of your divinity blossoms. Read more..