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Vagus Nerve Holistic Healing Advanced Meditation Course

This is a 9-week holistic healing course focused on the vagus nerve, employing a comprehensive approach that includes yoga exercises, pranayama, mantra chanting, diet planning, chakra balancing, kriya yoga techniques, and meditation. This course focuses on improving the spiritual, emotional, and total well-being of a person.

You will learn holistic techniques to stimulate and balance your vagus nerve, promoting overall health and resilience. Explore the anatomy and functions of your vagus nerve, the key to your mind-body connection.

Understand the role of your vagus nerve in stress regulation, digestion, emotional and spiritual well-being. Discover how your vagus nerve influences your stress response, inflammation, and overall mind-body harmony. There are 114 chakras in human body, the vagus nerve is deeply assocaited with the 12 chakras in the front side of the body. In this course, we explore the vagus nerve in terms of science, spirituality, and total well-being.

Course Details

This is a 9-week course. Each week, there will be one online session. The course structure varies depending on individuals’ needs. However, there are a total of nine online sessions. Each online session is about an hour long.

However, the general content of the course is as follows:

  1. Fundamentals of Vagus Nerve and Holistic Healing
  2. The Science Behind Vagus Nerve Healing[2][3]
  3. Yoga Exercises for Vagus Nerve Activation
  4. Pranayama Practices for Vagus Nerve Activation
  5. Mantra Meditation for Vagus Nerve Healing
  6. Diet Planning for Vagus Nerve Support
  7. Vagus Nerve Micro Movement Exercises (Kriya Yoga)
  8. Chakra Balancing for Vagus Nerve Healing
  9. Nadi Purifications for Vagus Nerve Activation
  10. Meditation Techniques for Vagus Nerve Activation
  11. Integrative Practices for Vagus Nerve Healing
  12. Diet Planning, Mindful Eating and Vagus Nerve Health
  13. Emotional Regulation and Vagal Tone
  14. Daily Routine Planning for Vagus Nerve Wellness
  15. Vagus Nerve Healing in Different Life Phases

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Impact of Om Chanting Om Meditation on Brain and Heart - Amit Ray

Heart Rate Variability with Om Meditation and Chanting

Stress Relief and Heart Rate Variability with Om Meditation

Sri Amit Ray explains how Om meditation and Om chanting is related to heart rate variability and stress relief.

Your heart rate is constantly changing to meet various requirements of your body and mind. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures how your heart rate varies over time. Generally, heart rate variability increases during relaxation and recovering activities and decreases during stress and anxiety. HRV reflects the changes in the interval between heartbeats (R wave) over time. HRV is NOT the same as plain old heart rate (HR). It’s not the “beats per minute” number most of us are familiar with.

Broadly speaking there are seven types of Om meditation. The impact of these meditations on stress level varies from person to person. HRV measurement just after different Om meditations can help you to assess the impact of your personalized meditation techniques on stress relief.  The key for effective Om chanting is activating the Vayapini Nadi and the Kurma Nadi.  Our studies strongly suggests that Vayapini Om chanting increases HRV and may be linked to the activation of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex regions of the brain.

Stress Relief and Heart Rate Variability with Om Meditation By Dr Amit Ray

Stress Relief and Heart Rate Variability with Om Meditation

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How Meditation Reduces the Oxygen Consumption of the Brain

How Meditation Reduces the Oxygen Consumption of the Brain

How Meditation Lowers Oxygen Consumption and Repair Brain Damage

Dr. Amit Ray

“Meditation is the artwork to awaken the divinity within you.” – Amit Ray

Meditation improves long-term ventilatory efficiency, gas exchange efficiency and  heart rate variability by lowering oxygen consumption and enhancing the divinity quotient. Divinity is the state of being connected with the source. It is the state when our heart is full with love, compassion, and caring. It is the state when our mind is full with joy, equanimity, peacefulness, and happiness. It is the state when we are relaxed, energetic, focused, joyful, creative, clear and compassionate. Deep 114 Chakra meditation is the best way to awaken your divinity. During 114 Chakra meditation the brainwaves of the entire brain get synchronized and produces deep relaxation, slower breathing, and a lower heart rate as a result a less oxygen is needed in each breath, and fewer breaths are needed in total. These meditations have seven powerful steps. Each step is unique. 

For good meditation we need the best circulation of blood in the brain. Scientists have explored meditation from different angles. Here we examined how meditation is linked to the oxygen consumption in the brain.

Oxygen is vital to brain growth and healing.  Brain cells are very sensitive to decrease in oxygen levels and don’t survive or function well very long without it. A continuous uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the brain is essential in order to maintain its metabolic functions and to prevent brain cell damage. Meditation slows down the heart rate, decreases respiratory rate and this helps to calm the body and relax the mind.

Meditation and Oxygen Consumption in the brain By Dr. Amit Ray

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