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Heart Chakra Summary

How Heart Chakra Meditation Can Improve Your life

Heart chakra makes people larger than life. Here, you will learn everything you wanted to know about the heart chakra: the affirmations, meditations, mantra, color, elements, symptoms, blockages, healing, and neuropsychology. The beauty of the heart center is that it motivates people to go out of their comfort zones and do something for the well being of humanity and the other beings.

The heart center doesn’t work independently. It works collaboratively with the other 114 chakras and the different brain regions. Concentration on this chakra increases Sankalpa Shakti, the power to fulfilling the divine purpose of life without obstacle.¬†Meditation on this chakra increases equanimity, joy, loving-kindness and clarity of mind.

Heart Chakra The Anahata Chakra the 4th Chakra

Heart Chakra The Anahata Chakra or the 4th Chakra

The seven chakras are the primary energy centres of the body. The heart chakra is also known as the Anahata chakra or the 4th chakra. You’ve probably heard people talk about “unblocking the heart chakra”, which refers to the idea of the expansion of the heart energy. When your heart chakra is properly active and open, your divine energy can bring a positive transformation in your life and in many lives.¬†

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