Mahashivratri 2020

Shiva Shambhavi Meditation Class Before Mahashivratri 2020

This special Shiva Meditation class is a unique opportunity, designed for those seeking a deeply transformative path to deep spirituality, inner awakening, deep relaxation, empowerment, mental clarity and peace.

Lord Shiva is the primordial teacher of yoga and meditation. The whole of yogic science emerges only from Lord Shiva. Dakshinamurthy is the form of Shiva, who teaches meditation and wisdom of Self-realization to the humanity. Before the holy Shiva-ratri, we are happy to provide you this opportunity of learning Shiva meditation for pleasing Lord Shiva.

Shiva Shambhavi Amit Ray Meditation Class

These special meditation techniques, revealed to Dr. Amit Ray and Banani Ray, are very simple, easy and effortless meditation and mind power technique which can take you beyond normal highs and lows to truly embody the spiritual light that you are.

When you active your third eye chakra you gain insight into the true nature of things, and you tap into your intuition and your psychic insight, which is the gateway to higher wisdom. If you want to be able to tap into the eternal source of joy peace, wellness, success, energy, healing and wellness within you by connecting with your inner guide, your very own consciousness, this event is an opportunity for you.

Just before the Maha-Shivaratri, you will get the opportunity to tune your mind and spirit to the Shiva Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe.… Read more..