Om chanting benefits

Om Chanting and Meditation Masterclass

OM Chanting and Meditation Masterclass

Om chanting and meditation masterclass is a 3-weeks integrated chanting and meditation program. These three chanting and meditation classes combines time-tested ancient techniques along with modern science-backed practices that are proven for improving focus, concentration and memory, enhance immunity, and resist the shortening of telomeres in your gene which enhances health and longevity.

The chanting and the meditation techniques are based on the ancient meditation techniques and the modern findings of Neuroscience and Epigenetics that help to build and maintain a healthy, whole, and fulfilling life.

Om Chanting Masterclass 

“You are a cosmic flower. Om chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower.” — Amit Ray

Science of Om meditation is deep.  Mantra meditation is deeply linked to creativity, efficiency and well-being. 

Purpose of this Om Chanting Program:

  1. To connect with the Higher Self
  2. To bring peace and harmony in life
  3. To reduce stress, strain and anxiety of life
  4. To improve focus, concentration and efficiency in life
  5. To improve emotional intelligence, strength and balance
  6. To remove the negative energies of life and bring positive energies in life
  7. To bring balance in the chakras and harmony in life
  8. To develop psychic energies of mind
  9. To attract prosperity and success in life
  10. To gain social, occupational, financial, environmental and intellectual well-being in life

About the Mantra Chanting and Meditation Masterclass:

The online class will teach the mantra meditation techniques called Om Chanting and Meditation Masterclass, which is an easy-to-practice and effective integrated Mantra scientific meditation technique developed by Dr.… Read more..