Sri Rudram

Lord Shiva Deep Meditation Advanced Course

Lord Shiva is the divine cosmic ocean of peace, wisdom, and love. He is the Lord of inner peace, self-realization, spiritual growth, yoga, meditations, and devotions. This 9-week course provides a comprehensive understanding of Lord Shiva, his various aspects, mantras, and the meditative practices associated with his divine presence, as well as the profound power of Lord Shiva in meditations.

Discover the essence of the Sri Rudram, Shiva Sutras, and other Shiva traditions, and explore the cosmic dimensions of Shiva’s abode, Shiva Loka. Immerse yourself in the devotional power of the main stotras dedicated to Lord Shiva, including the Sri Rudram, Shiva Tandava Stotra, Nataraja Stotra, and more.

Explore the compassion and love embodied by Shiva and connect with his diverse aspects. Learn the multifaceted aspects of Lord Shiva, exploring his symbolism, mythology, and profound meditative practices.

Lord Shiva Deep Meditation

Shiva is depicted with a third eye, representing his all-seeing wisdom, and a crescent moon on his head, symbolizing the passage of time. Learn the wisdom Lord Shiva and the awakening of the third eye.

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The Course Contents

Our courses primarily focused on One-on-One Guided meditations. Please note, the course content varies depending on the spiritual requirements of the individuals.  However, the general content of the NINE Classes of the course are as follows:

The general outline of the course modules of the NINE classes are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to Lord Shiva

  • Overview of Lord Shiva’s significance in Yoga, Tantra, Vedas, and Puranas
  • Shiva-Shakti and the cosmic aspects of Lord Shiva
  • Historical, mythological, and spiritual aspects of Lord Shiva

Module 2: Mantras and Meditations on Lord Shiva

  • List of different Shiva mantras and their uses and powers including Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Shiva Panchakshara mantra, and more.
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Meditations from Sri Rudram, Sri Vidya, and Upanishads Course

This 9-week meditation course is designed to assist you on your deep spiritual journey. The Sri Rudram, Sri Vidya, and the Upanishads are the most ancient literature of meditation.

You will learn the Eleven aspects of Lord Shiva. You will learn the meditations from Namakam and Chamakam of Sri Rudram to invoke and get the blessings of all pervading Shiva energy.

You will learn the meditations on the Nine aspects Divine Goddess. Primarily  from Sri Lalita Sahasranama. Sri Vidya meditations is the easiest ways to connect to the all-pervading divine motherly energy of the universe. 

You will learn the meditations from Upanishads. These meditations are the easiest ways to connect to the all-pervading Cosmic Higher-Self. 

Understanding and applying them to your life will help you to get the Divine Blessings and to listen to the voice of your divine higher Self

This is a structured and systematic course for understanding the life-positive wisdom of theses ancient teachings free from the traditional dogmas and rituals. The course is an opportunity to gain new perspectives that can be applied to all aspects of your life.

The course is primarily focused on deep meditation, and deeper wisdom. You will identify powerful mantras from the Sri Rudram, Sri Vidya teachings, and Upanishads for your specific requirements.… Read more..