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How to Stop Overthinking 10 Powerful Techniques

Are you thinking excessively and want to stop that? Here is ten simple techniques to stop overthinking. You should also know the neuroscience of overthinking. 

in this article, we explain ten most popular techniques to overcome overthinking.

Overthinking and negative thought patterns drains away the positive energy from life. What is most important for healthy, happy and successful life is to learn to cut-off the negative thought patterns from the source (the triggers) as early as possible. 

The mind does not like to change its thought patterns. Normally, human subconscious mind is a habit mind. It repeats the same habits over and over again. Unhealthy thought patterns create stress and stress creates unhealthy biological reactions, and prolonged stress can lead to both physical and mental health problems. Fortunately there are many ways to come out of the unhealthy thought patterns and overthinking.

Neuroscience for Overthinking:

Generally, your overthinking habit patterns mostly develop from the behavior of our parents, teachers, spouse, friends, relatives, office colleague and children. If you work under stress, fear and insecurity for long time an area in your brain called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) became hyperactive. The dlPFC is involved in things like thinking, planning, memory,  reasoning and higher executive function.… Read more..