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Leadership Development Master Course Based on 21 Chakras

Leadership Development Master Course Based on 21 Chakras and Meditations

A Nine-Weeks Profound Leadership Development Online Course 

Sri Amit Ray Meditation Center 

The Ray 21-Chakra based leadership development framework, tools and techniques help the world’s leading CEO’s, business leaders, and top professionals to grow, manifest, build values, and inner strength. It is a unique course that focuses on the energy channels and epigenetic aspects of leadership development.

These techniques are developed by Sri Amit Ray, in his deep meditations and while guiding the top personalities of the world in different dimensions. This is to improve your emotional stability, growth mindset, resilience, and mind power.

Unless you remove the blockages of your subtle energy flows in your body, it is difficult to improve your leadership qualities. This is an online one-on-one guided meditation course. We will introduce you to a network of 21 energy centers (chakras) and 21 energy channels (nadis) in your energy body and mind linked to leadership skill development.

This is an Unique Meditation Driven Chakra Based Leadership Skill Development Online Course. 

This course is designed on improving your ability to be focused and emotionally balanced so that you can become more resilient – feeling less dragged along and more alive and energized, and better able to keep a balance between your private life and work.Read more..