theta/beta ratio

Concentration, Mindpower and Attention Improvement for ADHD Persons Online Course

Children naturally love to play games and learn new things. If your child is not paying attention in class or at home, this course is design to improve concentration, attention and refocus the mind. 

Recent scientific studies in ADHD children showed decreased beta activity in the brain in comparison with normal children. The course focuses on improving whole brain synchronization, and the beta activity of the brain by using various ancient techniques like mantra chanting,  mind-body connections, sacred color and geometry, simple yoga exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, concentration on simple yantras and symmetrical structures, and 21 chakras balancing.  

Concentration, Mind power and Attention Improvement Online Course

Ten-Weeks Online Course 

Sri Amit Ray Meditation Center 

In this 10-weeks mantra-based attention and concentration development course, the student will learn techniques to improve mental skills, emotional intelligence, concentration, and focus.

The ratio between the slow wave theta (4–7 Hz) and fast wave beta (13–30 Hz) band power, in other words the theta/beta ratio, has been utilized as a source of critical information about brain activity. Scientific studies noticed that ADHD is a higher frontocentral theta/beta ratio, which has been related to reduced of attention. This course is designed to improve the theta/beta ratio to enhance the mental power using natural ancient simple mantras and exercises. … Read more..