The Science of 114 Chakras in Human Body

114 Chakras pdf book

The Science of 114 Chakras in Human Body By  Dr. Amit Ray

Book Review 

The Science of 114 Chakras in Human Body is a guide book written by Dr. Amit Ray in 2015. This book explains only the chakras related to the immunity, cell signaling, and overall wellbeing. All the 114 chakras are discussed only in the online Ray 114 Chakra System Meditation Courses

Dr. Ray identified, located and named each of these 114 chakras in the body and the brain in his deep meditation in the Himalaya. He explained the details of these 114 chakras in human body in his books and online courses.. 

In this book, Dr. Ray explained the hierarchy, the network, and the topology of the chakras are explained in a scientific way. Ray relates the human emotions, behaviors, inner experiences and the deep spiritual experiences in the rich frameworks of 114 hierarchal and intelligent energy vortexes in the brain and the body. Ray discovered the details of the brain-body-behavior and consciousness dynamics including immunity, diseases, perception, attention, language, memory, thinking, behaviors, and consciousness in this rich frameworks of 114 chakras.

ISBN: 9789382123293, 9382123296

Published on: 4 July 2015.

The 114 chakra are divine energies.  It should not tried to be awaken mechanically through exercises. It should be learnt from the competent teacher of the tradition. Mechanical exercise or mechanical awakening or misuse of the chakras are harmful. To stop the misuse of the sacred teachings, the knowledge is only transferred through 114 chakras  online courses.

The 114 chakras

The 114 chakras Training Class

However, the preview of the book is available in the google books.

To know the details of the 114 chakras you can attend the

Ray 114 Chakras Meditation and Healing Online Course. 

114 Chakras pdf book



Contents of the Book

Introduction—————————————————————– 9

Chapter 1: The 114 Chakra Fundamentals———————— 13

Chapter 2: Classification of the 114 Chakras——————— 16

Chapter 3: Concepts of Chakra Imbalances———————– 21

Chapter 4: The Seven Major Chakras——————————– 25

Chapter 5: The 21 Minor Chakras———————————— 35

Chapter 6: The 86 Macro Chakras————————————- 47

Chapter 7: The 114 Chakras and Cell Signaling Pathways—- 57

Chapter 8: The 114 Chakras and Ten Gates in the Body —– 61

Chapter 9: The 114 Chakras and the Five Vital Energies —- 63

Chapter 10: The Healing Modalities of the 114 Chakras —     69

Chapter 11: The 114 Chakras and the Mantras——————- 82

Chapter 12: Balancing the 114 Chakras—————————- 87

Conclusions: The 21 Principles of the 114 Chakras ———— 97

Also from Inner Light Publishers———————————– 105

“When the 114 lotus-like chakras are cleared and balanced the sensation-seeking, thrill-seeking or excitement-seeking psychology, the dopamine based reward circuits and the addiction pathways are balanced and cleared.” — Amit Ray

The Science of 114 Chakras in Human Body

“Kundalini energy is called the energy of honey. When you know the techniques, it can convert the poisons into nectars.” — Amit Ray
The 114 chakras

The 114 chakras Training Class


The Science of 114 Chakras in Human Body pdf By  Dr. Amit Ray

“True meditation is bringing balance and rhythm in the 72000 energy channels and the 114 chakras in the divine flute, we call body and mind.” — Amit Ray


The Science of 114 Chakras in Human Body

“The inner pilgrimage to the 114 lotus-like chakras are blessed by the divinity residing in those sacred places. When you explore the 114 chakras within your body, mind and spirit, you can discover the supreme divinity within you. — Amit Ray

Chakra Awakening 

Chakra awakening is a gradual process. Chakra cleansing or chakra purification of the 114 psychic centers is dealt with, in separate stages, and in the final stage all the psychic centers are dealt with consecutively.

In chakra purification, the first thing is to identify and locate the psychic center. Then with proper breathing, a psychic passage is established between the chakra field, or trigger points in front of the body, to the actual chakra points in the spine, brain and the internal body organs.

Finally, with the addition of a special mantra all the chakras are purified, opened and harmonized. As the sound vibration of the mantra circulates, gradually builds up psychic passages for the divine energy to flow, and the energy center is gradually awakened.