Manifestation and the Three s of Sanskrit Letters स,श,ष

There are 114 chakras in human body. The three s of Sanskrit Letters (श,ष, स) are used for awakening the root chakra. The letter स्  is a dental sounds like s in ‘seen’, ष् is a cerebral sound like sh in “shun” while the श्  is a palatal sound. These three “S” akshara mantras are associated with manifestation. 

root chakra mantras

root chakra mantras


Sanskrit Letters English Letters  Sanskrit Type Type in English
s दन्तय Dental
Ś तालव्य Palatal
मूर्धन्य Cerebral

The Muladhara Chakra, in Sanskrit means base, root or support. This root chakra has four petals, and each petal has a beej mantra. The mantras of the four petals of the root chakra are: vaṁ, śaṁ, ṣaṁ, saṁ. When you balance the root chakra with the beej mantras you bring more joy, abundance and manifesting power. 

The five mantras of the root chakras are : Laṁ, vaṁ, śaṁ, ṣaṁ, saṁ.

There are three sibilants in Sanskrit. Sibilants make the hissing “s” sound. The sound is made by focusing the air intensely through a narrow channel. 

  • स represents the sound “S”, when tongue touches the teeth. For eg the words starting with “S” such as saw, see, sow, etc.
  • श represents the sound “sh”, when the tongue touches the front part of your palate. These letters are pronounced with the help of the jaw. For eg show, sheen, etc.
  • ष also represents the sound “khsh”, when the tongue touches the inner part of your palate.