Personalized Guided Meditation Courses

Online personalized meditation courses of Sri Amit Ray, also referred to as precision meditation is an optimal meditation model tailored to individual’s needs, characteristics and mindsets.

The terms personalized meditation, precision meditation, one-on-one guided meditation, and P7 meditation are used interchangeably to describe the concept. Learn one-on-one online the the best meditation technique for you.

Sri Amit Ray Personalized Guided Meditation Courses

There are various meditation techniques like 114 chakra meditation, 72000 Nadi meditation., All of these meditation techniques are powerful and effective. But you need to focus on one meditation technique that will give you maximum benefit.

In this online personalized meditation course you will learn and get the guidance for the best meditation technique for you. 

Personalized Guided Meditation Courses Highlights:

  1. You will learn one-on-one online guided meditation classes through Skype. Each class is about an hour. 
  2. You will learn mantras and the art of going deep into the theta state.
  3. You will learn how to activate chakras to access and reprogram your Subconscious Mind.
  4. You will learn the techniques to align your Subconscious mind with the Higher Source for Manifestation. 
  5. You will get PDF files according to your course selection. 
  • Basic 
  • $ 99 USD 
  • (Rs. 7,000/-)
  • 2 Guided Meditation Classes
  • 1 Meditation Technique
  • 2 PDF Files
  • 1 Video
  • 2 Weeks Course 
  • Advanced
  • $ 199 USD
  • (Rs. 14,000/-)
  • 4 Guided Meditation Classes
  • 2 Meditation Techniques
  • 4 PDF Files
  • 2 Videos
  • 3 Weeks Course
  • Master
  • $ 299 USD
  • (Rs. 21,000/-)
  • 7 Guided Meditation Classes
  • 4 Meditation Techniques
  • 7 PDF Files
  • 3 Videos
  • 6 Weeks Course



The course covers online guided meditation classes, meditation techniques, study notes and other related information.