Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness Online Class

Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness

Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness Online Class

Upanishads are the most ancient literature of meditations. They are considered as the most important literature in the history of Indian religions, spirituality and culture. The objective of this class is to spread the TRUE teachings of the Upanishads in it’s purity beyond the traditional views of Vedanta in a simple straightforward way.

This online class is a guided meditation class, based on the ancient pure teachings of Upanishads in the light of modern science. This meditation program is an adventure into the deeper aspects of your consciousness.  You will learn life-positive teachings and practices to integrate them in your daily life for spiritual awakening, peace of mind and stress free living. You will also learn to access quantum consciousness for manifestation of positive things in your life. 

Upanishadic  Meditation and  Quantum Consciousness

In this meditation practices, you will learn to align yourself with your Higher Self. Each of us is an endowment of wisdom, love, intuition, peace, and a sense of purpose, which can become a source of guidance in everyday life. In Upanishads, this higher aspect is sometimes called the Atman or the “inner light of universal truth.”  Our Higher-Self loves us unconditionally, totally, completely and without exception.  Your Higher Self knows you more intimately than you know yourself. When you align yourself with the Higher Self , you will become more relaxed, fulfilled, happy and creative. You will learn how to connect with your Higher Self.

Quantum Consciousness and Upanishads

The idea of Quantum Consciousness came from Quantum physics, which is the best theory to describe the behavior of atoms and subatomic particles. Everything in this Universe is not made of matter. Instead, it is made of energy fields or information frequency patterns. Our mind and body is no exception. Quantum consciousness studies the relationship between mind-matter-energy and manifestation in the light of quantum physics. 

According to the teachings of the Upanishads, there is one intelligent all-pervading consciousness that permeates the whole Universe.  Consciousness has the power to “collapse”  wave-like quantum states into a single well-defined state. Quantum consciousness studies the relationship between mind-matter and energy and focuses on how consciousness manifests as matter and energy.

We can change our consciousness through meditation. In the class you will learn the art and techniques of positive manifestation by changing your consciousness. By changing your consciousness you can create a new electromagnetic field which would match your desire with the potential in the quantum field of information. Quantum theory says, wave function collapse happens in the mind of the observer but not for any physical reason. Hence, mind has enormous power when it is connected with the Universe in a proper way. 

About the Program

Upanishads are knowledge of the eternal coming directly from the Cosmic Source. They were revealed to the sages and Rishis who lived a fulfilling life. They imparted this wisdom and art of living often to their sons, daughters, wife and disciples. This ancient teachings of the art of living had been obscured, misinterpreted and lost over time. Upanishadic Meditation is meditation distilled from the ancient repository of knowledge taught by the seers. 

Based on their years of deep Sadhana in the Himalayas, Dr Amit Ray and revered Banani Ray had distilled these techniques from the Upanishads and infused it with the understanding of modern science to deliver a unique experience to the participants. Upanishadic meditation and Quantum consciousness is a perfect platform where science is married with spirituality, where the boundary between the sacred and secular fades away.

This is a life-changing experience, designed for those seeking a deeply transformative path of applied spirituality, which you can live in your daily life for inner awakening and deepest relaxation and focus, which means an empowered and enlightened living. Mental clarity and peace are just the byproducts.

What you will learn

1. Four Core Concepts of Upanishads
2. Four Core Meditation Techniques form Upanishads
3. Relation between Upanishad and Quantum consciousness 
4. Positive manifestation using Quantum consciousness 
5. Guided meditations to access higher consciousness 
6. Simple meditation techniques for daily practice 
7. Upanishad-based Simple techniques to overcome fear, anxiety and stress 

Who can attend

These special meditation techniques are very simple, easy and effortless, which can be practiced almost any time during the day. No prior experience or knowledge is required. This class is suitable for persons from any occupation or background and age-group above 16 years.

Everything will be explained in simple everyday language, and participants will be guided throughout the meditation sessions.

Structure of the Program

1. Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness explained 
2. Two Guided Meditations
3. Upanishadic Meditation in Daily Life are explained
4. Two Guided Meditations for Daily Life
5. Discussion and Question-Answer Session


This Meditation is important for developing calmness, positive mindset, enhancing cognition and alertness, creating and maintaining positive emotions, promoting relaxation, improving relationships, and reducing stress and anxiety.


During this online Skype meditation session you will learn the concepts of Upanishads and guided meditations and discuss different techniques and receive the guidance appropriate for you. You also receive advice and mentoring specific to your need. 


The primary focus on the early Upanishads are Brahma-vidya and Atma-vidya, that is the knowledge of the Ultimate reality and the knowledge of the individual self and the relationship between individual self and the Ultimate reality. The key formula of Upanishads is  Atman = Brahman.  The word ‘Brahman’ is derived from the Sanskrit root “brih.” It means which expands, thus suggests, a reality which is dynamic, ever blissful, alive and limitless. When Jivatma merges with Brahman, it is called “self-realization” or Moksha or Nirvana. These meditation techniques are purely focused to lead towards that ever blissful nature of the Self.