Yoga to Discover the Subtle Energies of Life

“Yoga is not just a repetition of few postures; it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.” ― Amit Ray

Subtle Chakra Yoga, incorporates micro-movements, dynamic breathing techniques, and guided meditations. It is an ancient art and science of dealing with the transformation and expansion of consciousness. The goal is to develop physical vitality and expanded consciousness.

Yoga Subtle Energies of Life Amit Ray

In this chakra yoga, you will learn to systematically train your mind and attune your body to hold higher frequencies of energy associated with the subtle divine energy within you. 

Even the modest practice of Subtle Chakra Yoga for twenty minutes a day, you will make substantial changes in your life. You may feel more relaxed, more energized, and more alive all at the same time. You will draw more positive things to you that you previously had to run after and your presence will become more magnetic.

Your life challenges may not disappear immediately, but you will develop the courage, acquire the willpower and cultivate the inner strength to deal with them in a new way. This ancient yoga practice focuses on breath, and specific soft and light yoga poses. If required, you may need to do mantra chanting, meditation, exercises, and visualizations.

The bottom line is that you will become more YOU. You are about to board on the magnificent discovery of the higher Self. You have dynamic energies in various forms in different chakras in your body. The science of the subtle energy chakra yoga is to bring harmony and balance in your chakras. The ultimate goal is to increase your self-awareness by silencing your mind and unblocking your chakras so that your vital energy can flow freely. 

Subtle energy chakra yoga is an intense practice, but both its physical and mental benefits make it an excellent option for beginners and advanced yogis alike. It will connect you with the truth that is within you and building a relationship with your divine Self.  Bhramari pranayama, Om chanting, 114 chakra meditation and Bhastrika Pranayama are ways to activate the subtle energies. 

Subtle energy chakra yoga has different poses that involve movement, breathing techniques, visualizations, mindfulness, and a mantra. Between postures, you’ll have a minute or two to relax and focus inward. After the entire set, there’s a relaxation followed by a meditation, then a mantra before class closes.