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Ray 114 Chakra System Names, Locations and Functions

Book: Ray 114 Chakra System Names, Locations and Functions By Dr. Amit Ray

This is the most authoritative book on 114 chakra system. The book explains the 114 chakra system based on the truth revealed to Sri Amit Ray in his deep meditations. For the first time, Dr. Ray discuses the names, locations and functions of each 114 chakra. The deep tradition of chakra system is mostly unknown to the world. What is known to the world is just surface level 7 or 12 chakra systems.  This book explains that deeper tradition. 

The 114 chakra are divine energies.  It should not tried to be awaken mechanically through exercises. It should be learnt from the competent teacher of the tradition.  To stop the misuse of the sacred teachings, the knowledge is only transferred through 114 chakras  online courses and presently the book is not available in general.     

114 Chakra Meditation Class

114 Chakra Book Amit Ray Teachings

114 Chakra Book of Sri Guru Amit Ray Teachings and Traditions


The book is about connecting with the higher self and awakening the healing power and the divinity of every cell of the body. It talks about the spiritual healing and energy circuits in the body in detail.

The book is organized in six parts. Part one covers the fundamentals of seven chakras and the energy bodies, and other related foundational concepts.

Part two is the backbone of the book. It describes the names, locations, functions and the dynamics of the 114 chakras. It discusses the key chakras for immunity boosting and healing

It explains the immunity and healing power of the chakras like: Sanjivani chakra, Ayush chakra, Ojash chakra,  Vinayak chakra, Vignesh chakra, Madhu chakra, Sudha chakra, Harsha chakra, Dripta chakra, Urja chakra, Padma chakras and the Mahapadma chakra.

Then, part three covers the immunity circuits, chakra micro environments, chakra meditation pathways, yoga exercises, breathing exercises and other techniques for 114 chakra balancing and healing.

The part five of the book discusses the nine basic principles of chakra healing and balancing. The part six discusses the several meditation practices for 114 chakra balancing and healing.

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ISBN: 9789382123538

Publisher: Inner Light Publishers

Year of publication: 2018, 2020

Publisher’s Note: Presently, all our printed copies are exhausted. However, certain part of the book is available as course material in the online chakra courses. 

Ray 114 Chakra Healing Book Amit Ray Teachings Ray 114 Chakra Healing Book Amit Ray Teachings

Important Chakra Quotes from the book:

“Ojas chakra is a micro-environment of spiritual energy and leadership. This network consists of mahapadma chakras, two padma chakras and the subtle connection of the third eye.” — Amit Ray

“Sanjivani chakra and the ayush chakra are the two key chakras for enhancing immunity and longevity. They strengthen the T cells of the immune system.” — Amit Ray

“Vinayak chakra and the atharvha chakra are the two vital chakras for longevity and immunity. They strengthen the B cells of the immune system.” — Amit Ray

“The key function of the Sanjivani chakra is to restore the life energy in the body cells. It enhances the power of the T Cells and the Natural killer cells in the body.”– Amit Ray

“Urja chakra is the chakra of strength and vitality. It removes the fatigue from overwork, blood deficiency, illness, emotional upset and insomnia. Shilajit is the key herb for this chakra.” — Amit Ray

“The primary role of the Atharva chakra is to block the cytokine storm or immunity turmoils in the body. It stops the overproduction of immune cells. This chakra is activated by the herbs like Peperomia pellucida and inhibits excess ACE activities.”– Amit Ray

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Each chakra is tightly regulated by complex molecular and hormonal signaling pathways. Each pathway consists of several upstream regulators and downstream effectors. Dr. Ray provided a deep insight into the three-dimensional unfolding and closing mechanisms of the chakras. The relationships between the neural pathways, neurotransmitters and the chakra pathways are explained. The chakra pathway meditations, different healing modalities,  and modalities for epigenetic changes are reflected in the online chakra medication courses

Chakras and the Neuroplasticity

Human brain has an excellent capacity to change and strengthen the connections among the neurons, primarily rewiring them, and create entirely new pathways. NirVana chakra is the chakra of neuroplasticity. It allows the brain to continuously change and adapt, and build new neural connections as needed, and abandoning the pathways that drags people down.


The tradition, seer and the Rishi of the Ray 114 Chakra System is Sri  Guru Amit Ray