Amit Ray

Dr. Amit Ray is famous for his teachings on peace, compassion, meditation, non-violence, positive vibration, mindfulness, leadership and creativity. He is also famous for his contribution in the field of quantum computing and artificial intelligence. 

He has spent several years in high Himalaya in deep silent meditation. He is one of the rare meditation master, who has fully experienced the higher consciousness and fully conversant with the ancient meditation literature as well as modern high end researches. He often remains engrossed in deep meditation in the dense forests, caves, and snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas. At the same time he always keeps a watchful compassionate gaze for the well-being of the humanity.  His compassion and meditation teachings  transcends the limitations of worldly distinctions such as religion, country, culture, caste, class, color,  history, and geography.

Here is some of his inspirational words: 

“My experiments are experiments with love, compassion and blessings. From the top of the Himalaya  I always love to send positive vibrations to every part of the world and let there be positive transformations, and by the grace of the Supreme it works.” — Amit Ray

“Go to the top of the mountain, go to the middle of the ocean, or just sit under a big tree, or just from the corner of your room, with pure heart send blessings, love and compassion to the world and notice the transformation in you and the world.” — Amit Ray

“My job is to bring positive transformation in the world through positive vibrations, and it works.” — Amit Ray

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.” ~Amit Ray, Meditation

“We need silence to be able to reach our Self. Both internal and external silence is very important to feel the presence of that supreme Love.” ~ Amit Ray, Meditation

“Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul.” – Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ~ Amit Ray, OM Chanting and Meditation

“You are a cosmic flower. Om chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower.” ~ Amit Ray, OM Chanting and Meditation

“Meditate, Visualize and Create your own reality and the universe will simply reflect back to you.” – Amit Ray

“Every day, bring some flowers to your life. Every day bring some blessings in someone’s life.” – Amit Ray

“Looking beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.” ~ Amit Ray, Meditation

“Self-observation is the first step of inner unfolding.” ~ Amit Ray, Meditation

“Be the radiator of peace. Go to the center of your inner being and radiate peace in every direction. Our wings are small but the ripples of the heart are infinite.” – Amit Ray, Compassion

“Vipassana meditation is an ongoing creative purification process. Observation of the moment-to-moment experience cleanses the mental layers, one after another.” ~ Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana

“Collaboration has no hierarchy. The Sun collaborates with soil to bring flowers on the earth.” – Amit Ray

“Life is a collection of moments. Mindfulness is beautification of the moments.” – Amit Ray, Mindfulness

“Be true to your spiritual experiments. Don’t be carried away by false beliefs. Don’t be the victim of religious institutes.” ~ Amit Ray, Meditation

“God is a living phenomenon. Respect the God that is flowing in your breath, in your heart and in the whole Universe.” ~ Amit Ray, Meditation

“Beautify your inner dialogue. Beautify your inner world with love light and compassion. Life will be beautiful.” – Amit Ray, Nonviolence – The Transforming Power

“Your thoughts are your message to the world. Just as the rays are the messages of the Sun.” ~ Amit Ray, Meditation

“To realize truth, you must cross all boundaries of all religions and all prophets” – Amit Ray, Meditation

“Yoga is bringing suppleness in body, calmness in mind, kindness in heart and awareness in life.” – Amit Ray, Yoga the Science of Well-being

“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” – Amit Ray, Meditation

“Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.” – Amit Ray, Yoga the Science of Well-being

“When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is so pure, so vast and so devastating that you have no option but to merge with it. You have no option but to feel the rhythm of the universe in the rhythm of your heart.” – Amit Ray, Meditation Insights

“When the petals of the heart unfold fragrance spreads across the valley.” ― Amit Ray

“Every moment is auspicious. There is always some magic in it.”  ― Amit Ray

“Learn to live in the light of your soul. Life deserves full expression.” – Amit Ray, Meditation

“Open the window of your mind. Allow the fresh air,new lights and new truths to enter.” – Amit Ray

“Peace is the music of every soul. Our glory lies in understanding, listening and honoring that music.” – Amit Ray

“Compassion makes you strong, caring and creative. It creates a different attitude, a level of maturity and understanding, where you do something which makes you stand out of crowd.” – Amit Ray

“Divinity means radiating peace, bliss and beauty in the world. Divinity means overcoming the limitations of nature in new ways.” – Amit Ray

“May the Higher Self bring peace, bliss and happiness to your life.” – Amit Ray

Daily Teachings:

Shreya vs Preya: The Art of Happy Living

Shreya vs Preya: The Art of Happy Living

Here, Sri Amit Ray talks about the wisdom of "shreya vs preya" - the art of happy living in the path of long term fulfillment versus short term pleasure. He explains how skillful behavior patterns can directed us towards Shreya, which brings joy, happiness, love and trust in life.

Our true nature is divine and eternal. Our true purpose of life is to awaken and realize that permanent divinity that is within us. However, in human life there are positive emotions like: joy, trust, happiness and love. There are negative emotions like: anger, fear, anxiety, depression, worry, grief and mistrust. Life is a dynamics of these two types of emotions. How to find the higher purpose and true meanings of life in the midst of these negative turmoils of life is the eternal question. 

The wisdom of "shreya over preya" is all about following the path of the highest. Here "shreay" means long term fulfillment and "preya" means short term pleasure.  The knowledge of "shreya over preya" is mentioned in the ancient wisdom book Kath Upanishad.  The story is written in the form of a dialogue between an accomplished teacher and a sincere student. It says:

"The permanent fulfillment (shreya) and the temporary pleasant (preya) are two different paths. They motivate a person to pursue two different goals. The one who embraces the path of permanent welfare meets with auspiciousness. But the one who chooses the temporary pleasant is lost.” —Katha Upanishad 1.2.1

Shreya means choosing the best and welfare for all. Initially, it may not feels good but it has long lasting benefit. Preya is what pleases us. Initially, it gives good feelings but may not have long lasting benefit. 

Shreya is mostly driven by skillful thought patterns and  skillful behavior pattern and Preya is often driven by unskillful thought patterns and  unskillful behavior pattern.  They can be classified as "state" and "trait"  behavior pattern. 

Shreya Preya Art of Living

Mostly, unskillful behavior patterns are directed towards Preya and unskillful behavior patterns causes anxiety, fear, tensions and depressions.  If  you practice mindfulness, you will recognize your worries and understand when it emerges, and acknowledge it, and take action to resolve it.  You can replace the negative thoughts by the practices of loving-kindness and compassion.

Skillful behavior patterns are directed towards Shreya and it causes joy, happiness, love and trust.  Trust enables you to rely on instinct, and impart self-confidence. Related emotions include certainty, faith and a feeling of security.


Seven Scientific Benefits of Om Chanting

Seven Scientific Benefits of Om Chanting

Here, Sri Amit Ray explains  the key  scientific benefits of om chanting.

Om chanting is a disciplined and  flexible process to remove tension, anxiety,  fear, depressions, and negativity from life.  It can bring positivity to your life like courage, focus, concentration, happiness, and joy, effortlessly. It can improve your state (short term) as well as trait (long term) health, happiness, joy and well-being. 

Om chanting is a series of step-by-step process. It is a scientific art but it should be learnt properly to get its benefits. Systematic guided Om chanting can change your emotional reactions and responses to external stimuli and internal experiences in a positive way. It can enhance your efficiency, calmness, tranquility, and mental clarity.

Dr. Ray explains how low frequency Om chanting can reduce our daily stress, strain, anxiety and tensions. Om chanting is effective for stress management.  Under various pressure conditions such as before examination, before public speaking, before important sports events and during critical challenges of life Om chanting can enhance confidence and eliminate stress and anxiety.  Om chanting improves the connections between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex, which is the key component for relaxation, stress control and better decision making. 

Seven Benefits of Om Chanting

Low frequency seven step deep Om chanting increases gamma wave in the brain. The gamma brain waves are known as “feeling of blessings”.  The seven step deep Om chanting and meditation is supposed to be practiced for 20 minutes, two times per day. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins are the four key hormones generated in the body during low frequency Om meditation and these four hormones have huge impact on regulating both state anxiety as well as trait anxiety.

"As flowers increases the sweetness of the Honey by hearing the humming sounds of the bees, Om chanting increases the sweetness of life." -- Amit Ray

The seven main benefits of Om chanting are as follows:

1. Om Chanting and Parasympathetic Nervous system

The autonomic nervous system has two components, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system that is affected the most by anxiety, tension, fatigue and depression. The sympathetic nervous system that drives a “fight or flight” response that helps us survive and perform.  The parasympathetic wing of our nervous system is the antagonist to the sympathetic in that it helps our body to relax, digest food and heal. People with anxiety are in a state of sympathetic dominance where they are in a near constant state of fight or flight.  With the low frequency seven step Om Chanting, parasympathetic nervous system takes over, allowing us to relax and recover from the stressful event. 

2. Om Chanting and Nasal Nitric Oxide (NO)

Om Chanting and Om meditation bookNitric oxide (NO), a free radical gaseous molecule has been shown to be involved in diverse healing functions in human body.  NO plays vital role in many biological events including regulation of blood flow, platelet function, immunity, and neurotransmission. Within the HPA axis areas, NO is plays a key role in modulating and controlling  the release of the stress neurotransmitters. Nitric oxide also plays a key role in DNA damage repair. NO is a highly reactive, short-lived, lipophilic molecule with a half-life of a few seconds, which makes it very difficult to measure it.

Our research group have studied the effect of low frequency seven step Om Chanting on nasal NO.   Nasal NO activity has primarily been linked to immunity and anti-inflammatory effects. Bhramari Om Chanting is an effective tool to control nasal NO activities and immunity control. 

3. Om Chanting and Vagus Nerve Activation

Vagus nerve is the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system in the human body. There are two vagus nerves. One vagus nerve on each side of your body, running from your brainstem through your neck to your chest and abdomen.  The right and left vagus nerves exit from the brainstem, and they course through the neck, upper chest, lower chest and diaphragm, and into the abdominal cavity. During this course, branches enervate various structures such as the larynx, pharynx, heart, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract.  It transmits information to or from the surface of the brain to tissues and organs elsewhere in the body. 

Vagus nerve is the information superhighway carrying information from the body to the brain. In the brain, the vagus helps control anxiety and depression. In the gut, it increases stomach acidity, digestive juice secretion, and gut flow. The vagus nerve is connected to your vocal cords and the muscles at the back of your throat.  Om chanting, singing Om, humming Om, chanting Om can activate these muscles and stimulate your vagus nerve.


7 Steps to Build Inner Strength and Resilience for Success and Happiness

7 Steps to Build Inner Strength and Resilience

Sri Amit Ray explains the seven ways to build inner strength and resilience. 

Inner strength and resilience are the two key components to face and transform every challenges of life. Good inner strength will give you self-confidence. It also gives you determination, tolerance, satisfaction and energy. Life throws challenges but with patience and resilience you can convert every challenge into new opportunity to grow. Having a resilient spirit becomes an asset.

Inner Strength and Resilience

1. Identify your True Purpose of Life

God has given you many gifts  - but in some areas you are very very special. Identify those special areas where you can grow, contribute and get maximum satisfaction of life. If you can't find your purpose at some point of life, life will throw you challenges - and you need to convert those challenges into opportunities.   When you set your purpose properly, you will activate more positive energies, gain better balance. 


“You need to find out, what you love most from the core of your heart, and for success you need to invest your time and energy on that.” -- Amit Ray

2. Focus and Hard work

With focus and hard work, anything is possible. Small things matter - your daily exercise, your values,  your food habits and thinking patterns can make difference. Positive people are able to recognize that problems are not obstacles that get in the way but are new opportunities for creativity and problem solving. Every moment is a new moment to rise up and move forward into the victory.  

Time management is vital for success. Make to do list and isolate top three items in the list and give them priority to complete.   If you have too many people and too many friends, you will be obstructed in your focus.  Focus and concentration are essential for inner strength. Don't allow life to overflow with unnecessary activities. 


Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness

Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness Online Class

Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness Online Class

Upanishads are the most ancient literature of meditations. They are considered as the most important literature in the history of Indian religions, spirituality and culture. The objective of this class is to spread the TRUE teachings of the Upanishads in it's purity beyond the traditional views of Vedanta in a simple straightforward way.

This online class is a guided meditation class, based on the ancient pure teachings of Upanishads in the light of modern science. This meditation program is an adventure into the deeper aspects of your consciousness.  You will learn life-positive teachings and practices to integrate them in your daily life for spiritual awakening, peace of mind and stress free living. You will also learn to access quantum consciousness for manifestation of positive things in your life. 

Upanishadic  Meditation and  Quantum Consciousness

In this meditation practices, you will learn to align yourself with your Higher Self. Each of us is an endowment of wisdom, love, intuition, peace, and a sense of purpose, which can become a source of guidance in everyday life. In Upanishads, this higher aspect is sometimes called the Atman or the “inner light of universal truth.”  Our Higher-Self loves us unconditionally, totally, completely and without exception.  Your Higher Self knows you more intimately than you know yourself. When you align yourself with the Higher Self , you will become more relaxed, fulfilled, happy and creative. You will learn how to connect with your Higher Self.

Quantum Consciousness and Upanishads

The idea of Quantum Consciousness came from Quantum physics, which is the best theory to describe the behavior of atoms and subatomic particles. Everything in this Universe is not made of matter. Instead, it is made of energy fields or information frequency patterns. Our mind and body is no exception. Quantum consciousness studies the relationship between mind-matter-energy and manifestation in the light of quantum physics. 

According to the teachings of the Upanishads, there is one intelligent all-pervading consciousness that permeates the whole Universe.  Consciousness has the power to "collapse"  wave-like quantum states into a single well-defined state. Quantum consciousness studies the relationship between mind-matter and energy and focuses on how consciousness manifests as matter and energy.

We can change our consciousness through meditation. In the class you will learn the art and techniques of positive manifestation by changing your consciousness. By changing your consciousness you can create a new electromagnetic field which would match your desire with the potential in the quantum field of information. Quantum theory says, wave function collapse happens in the mind of the observer but not for any physical reason. Hence, mind has enormous power when it is connected with the Universe in a proper way. 

About the Program

Upanishads are knowledge of the eternal coming directly from the Cosmic Source. They were revealed to the sages and Rishis who lived a fulfilling life. They imparted this wisdom and art of living often to their sons, daughters, wife and disciples. This ancient teachings of the art of living had been obscured, misinterpreted and lost over time. Upanishadic Meditation is meditation distilled from the ancient repository of knowledge taught by the seers. 

Based on their years of deep Sadhana in the Himalayas, Dr Amit Ray and revered Banani Ray had distilled these techniques from the Upanishads and infused it with the understanding of modern science to deliver a unique experience to the participants. Upanishadic meditation and Quantum consciousness is a perfect platform where science is married with spirituality, where the boundary between the sacred and secular fades away.

This is a life-changing experience, designed for those seeking a deeply transformative path of applied spirituality, which you can live in your daily life for inner awakening and deepest relaxation and focus, which means an empowered and enlightened living. Mental clarity and peace are just the byproducts.

What you will learn

1. Four Core Concepts of Upanishads
2. Four Core Meditation Techniques form Upanishads
3. Relation between Upanishad and Quantum consciousness 
4. Positive manifestation using Quantum consciousness 
5. Guided meditations to access higher consciousness 
6. Simple meditation techniques for daily practice 
7. Upanishad-based Simple techniques to overcome fear, anxiety and stress 

Who can attend

These special meditation techniques are very simple, easy and effortless, which can be practiced almost any time during the day. No prior experience or knowledge is required. This class is suitable for persons from any occupation or background and age-group above 16 years.

Everything will be explained in simple everyday language, and participants will be guided throughout the meditation sessions.

Structure of the Program

1. Upanishadic Meditation and Quantum Consciousness explained 
2. Two Guided Meditations
3. Upanishadic Meditation in Daily Life are explained
4. Two Guided Meditations for Daily Life
5. Discussion and Question-Answer Session


This Meditation is important for developing calmness, positive mindset, enhancing cognition and alertness, creating and maintaining positive emotions, promoting relaxation, improving relationships, and reducing stress and anxiety.


During this online Skype meditation session you will learn the concepts of Upanishads and guided meditations and discuss different techniques and receive the guidance appropriate for you. You also receive advice and mentoring specific to your need. 


The primary focus on the early Upanishads are Brahma-vidya and Atma-vidya, that is the knowledge of the Ultimate reality and the knowledge of the individual self and the relationship between individual self and the Ultimate reality. The key formula of Upanishads is  Atman = Brahman.  The word ‘Brahman’ is derived from the Sanskrit root "brih." It means which expands, thus suggests, a reality which is dynamic, ever blissful, alive and limitless. When Jivatma merges with Brahman, it is called “self-realization” or Moksha or Nirvana. These meditation techniques are purely focused to lead towards that ever blissful nature of the Self.


Who Am I Meditation to Realize your true Potential the Cosmic Self

Who Am I meditation is the journey to realize the pure Cosmic Self. Many people think, who Am I meditation is just chanting the mantra "I am not the mind", "I am not the body". But in reality it is far away from that.  Here, Sri Amit Ray explains the steps of Who Am I meditation. He explained the steps, pitfalls and destination of Who Am I meditation.  

Who Am I Meditation Sri Amit Ray

Who AM I meditation is a way of penetrating and exploring the inner realms so as to achieve silence, spiritual wisdom and communion with the higher Self. It is a way to move into the inner world. The self can be realized by the Self alone with pure intention, love and intellect. Who AM I meditation is gradual process of dis-identifying from your body, mind, and the feelings. The Who Am I meditations has seven steps to settle your mind in peace and realize the deeper Divine Self. 

"Who Am I meditation is allowing the mind to drop and settle in the inner being like a falling leaf of a tall tree. It is like observing the full moon in a silent lake, where there is no ripple, no thoughts." -- Amit Ray 
Meditation on cosmic Self, is the best way to align with the cosmos. Individual self is incomplete without its deep connection with the cosmic Self.  Our Who Am I and  Cosmic Self meditation techniques aim to reunify the individual with cosmos. 


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