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Value Driven Artificial Intelligence Principles and Practices by Sri Amit Ray

Artificial Intelligence has a considerable role in stopping value erosion in society. Designing systems that can uphold human rights, social values, ethics, and morality is a vital requirement for modern society. In the book, Dr. Ray explains the 21 principles of value addition in AI systems. He argued the urgent need for multi-layer safety and security networks in AI-based medical research for the safety of future generations.

As the AI-driven automation systems are getting stronger and stronger in every sphere of life, adding value to the system in a systematic and measurable way is the key theme of the book. Dr. Ray explains the 21 principles of value addition in AI systems. According to Ray, the denial of fundamental human rights, the extreme discrimination between the weak and the powerful, and the shaping of laws to serve the interests of a small number of powerful individuals are the main drivers of value erosion in contemporary society. 

Dr. Ray explains how the 21 principles of value-driven artificial intelligence can play critical roles in the implementation of morally sound, people-centered legal systems; ethical medical research; and other systems. In the book Dr. Ray, explains how AI providers can align value-creation and value-clamming dimensions appropriately in order to develop responsible and safe AI models. He also explained the challenges to be overcome and the main issues to be resolved in building large scale value-driven AI systems.

OM Chanting and Meditation By Amit Ray

Om chanting is the easiest way to make the chattering mind tranquil. In this book Dr. Ray discussed about the Om chanting methods and techniques to develop a serene, calm and peaceful mind.  Om chanting and meditations have healing effects on the body and the mind. This book is a step-by-step guide to practise meditations with theOm. As you practice, a long-lasting sense of well-being manifests in your life. You will notice a sense of joyfulness entering your life along with an ability to appreciate the many gifts that surround you. This book will help both the beginners as well as the advanced practitioners.

Om Chanting and Meditation

The book provides several Om meditation and Om chanting techniques to bring balance in health and harmony in life. In Eastern religions, Om (AUM) is considered as the most sacred mantra. Om is the mantra of integration; integration of individual with the Whole. Om is the mantra of harmony and celebration. Om is the mantra to access the Supreme Divinity residing within us. In this book Amit Ray describes several Om chanting and Om meditation methods in detail in a lucid and plain English. Om chanting and meditations have healing effects on the body and the mind. This book is a step-by-step guide to practice meditations with the Om. As you practice, a long-lasting sense of well-being manifests in your life.


Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style By Amit Ray

Yoga and Vipassana MeditationThis book integrates yoga and vipassana (mindfulness meditation) techniques for higher meditation. This is intended for those people who want to explore and utilize the benefits of the two ancient techniques of yoga and vipassana (mindfulness meditation) in a seamless manner. It is planned for developing deep wisdom, great calmness, joy and blissfulness in the midst of a busy life. The fundamentals of yoga and vipassana are presented in a coherent manner.  The latest scientific evidence and health benefits are incorporated in the integrated model intelligibly.  The basic structure and the principles of the integrated yoga and vipassana are clearly explained in great detail. Three forms of integrated yoga and vipassana meditations are formulated and discussed. They are as follows: daily formal meditation, daily informal meditation and meditations in retreats. The book is intended for the beginners as well as for the advanced practitioners of yoga and vipassana meditation.


Meditation: Insights and Inspirations By Amit Ray

In this beautiful and lucid guide, Dr. Amit Ray, gently presents a holistic, integrated, lifestyle oriented approach of meditation. With penetrating insights and wisdom, Ray reveals an integrated framework of meditation for living a happy and meaningful life. The book explains the bigger pictures of meditation as well as step-by-step techniques of meditation.  By presenting the key meditation concepts clearly Dr. Ray enables readers to walk into the higher levels of meditation.

Meditation Insights InspirationsWritten in clear and concise language, and beautifully illustrated, the book is enjoyable to read and easy to practice. As you practice these meditations, a long lasting sense of well-being, manifests in your life. You may notice a sense of joyfulness entering your life along with an ability to appreciate the many gifts that surround you. This book will help both the beginners as well as the advanced practitioners of meditation.

The book has three parts. The first part discuss the meditation as lifestyle. The second part explains various meditation practices and the third par discusses meditation experiences and  wisdom of meditation.



Awakening Inner Guru By Banani Ray and Amit Ray

This book is a clear and straightforward guide to awaken the light within. The book is about awakening your inner wisdom, inner power, inner beauty, your inner self. Living a fulfilling life is a skill that requires both practice and understanding. This book provides both. It is a gem! It can be used for inspiration, or instruction. It can be read countless times for added insight. You may also enjoy reading this book if you really want to explore the full potential of your inner strength. It offers a very down-to-earth approach to understanding, in detail and simple language. For those who are truly interested to attain spiritual freedom and fulfillment in every sphere of life, this book is a practical and personal manual.

1. It is a step by step guide to awaken your inner power that will help to bring you everything you desire in your life.

2. It is a manual for non-sectarian spiritual practice.

3. It will teach you invaluable lessons about how to understand, observe and train your mind to deal with negative and hurtful emotions.

This book will teach you the secret of conscious intention, conscious decision and conscious choice. It will teach you proven ancient techniques of meditation and other core practices to achieve a higher level of awareness. It will serve you as a friend and guide to an awakened living. The book contains lessons about:

  1. Importance of awakening your inner wisdom
  2. The secret of our body mind and inner light
  3. Importance of forgiveness, patience, generosity and gratitude
  4. How you create your own destiny
  5. How to release resistances
  6. The art of witnessing
  7. Importance of silence to realize your dreams
  8. How to move to silence from the chattering of mind, and  Much more……


Mindfulness: Living in the Moment – Living in the Breath by Amit Ray

Mindfulness : Living in the Moment - Living in the BreathLiving in the moment – living in the breath is the foundation of mindfulness. In this book Dr. Ray explores mindfulness as the source of inspiration and inner peace. He shows the ways to transform our fear, expectation, anger, regret, cravings, frustration, and fatigue into positive energy of love and compassion. Ray explains how to apply mindfulness to everything we encounter so we can transcend unconscious habits of misunderstanding that have imprisoned us for so long. The book is a treasury of wisdom. Dr. Ray presents us with information that can help us live long, healthy and happy lives. A selection of mindfulness practices of varying lengths and levels of difficulty provides challenges and inspiration for beginner, intermediate, and advanced meditators.
The book has five parts. It discusses the hierarchy of mindfulness, factors of mindfulness, micro-mindfulness, frameworks of mindfulness, goal setting and planning with mindfulness, and many other aspects of mindfulness. It explained several daily mindfulness meditation techniques in detail. Life is a collection of moments. In every moment there are so many miracles around us. Mostly we are unconscious about the miracles around us. In this book Dr. Ray helps us understand the miracles of the moments. . He shows us the ways and means to live in the moment and to live in the breath. 

Compassionate Artificial Intelligence: Frameworks and Algorithms By Dr. Amit Ray

Compassionate Artificial Intelligence

Compassionate Artificial Intelligence

Compassionate AI address the issues for creating solutions for some of the challenges the humanity is facing today, like the need for compassionate care-giving, helping physically and mentally challenged people, reducing human pain and diseases. It introduces the new frameworks, deep-compassion algorithms with deep-learning and reinforcement learning. Frameworks and algorithms for compassionate machines  are explained. The book shows the road-map for building large scale compassionate robots, who can intelligently serve humanity.  Sensitivity towards human pain, mistakes, and sufferings are the part of the evolving new compassionate AI systems.

There are eighteen chapters in the book. It discusses the the use of brain-computer-interface, drone, blockchain, cellular reprogramming, quantum computing and other emerging technologies for building distributed compassionate artificial intelligent systems. It describes the design principles and the behavioral principles of compassionate artificial intelligence. Compassionate AI is the best practical guide for AI students, researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders looking to get true value from the adoption of compassion in machine learning technology.

OM Sutra: The Pathway to Enlightenment By Amit Ray and Banani Ray

OM Sutra: The Pathway to EnlightenmentThis is a book of wisdom for walking on the path of enlightenment. It includes fifty-five Sanskrit verses and their English translation and explanation. In Sanskrit, the word “Sutra” means “thread”, “hints” or “guidelines”. In this book the ultimate state of Om is adored and expounded. It explains the way to reach the ultimate zenith of human evolution. The Sutras provide the techniques and means to clear the mind from the accumulated experiences, conditioning and memories that bind humans to the world of sorrow. As one is established in Om, life is filled with peace, joy and harmony. The book is organized into twelve parts. Each part elaborates steps for breaking free of the limited identification and training the mind to achieve oneness with the universe. Each sutra is presented as Sanskrit text followed by transliteration, precise English translation and authoritative explanation.


Nonviolence: The Transforming Power by Amit Ray

The essence of nonviolence is our ability to awaken the consciousness to a higher level. Nonviolence is considered as the highest virtue because nonviolence has the capacity to transform individual, society and the world. Transformation happens slowly and silently in every single moment, without notice. In this book Dr.Ray explained the practical ways of practicing nonviolence in daily life.

The seeds of violence exist in the daily feelings of suppression, guilt, shame and disappointments. These seeds can be eliminated by practicing simple techniques. The book deals with all the practical issues of practicing nonviolence.



World Peace: The Voice of a Mountain Bird by Amit Ray and Banani Ray

This is a story of a tiny mountain bird, which had a vision to change the world and bring peace on earth. Life was beautiful but war devastates everything. The story runs through her joy, pain, anguish, struggle and wisdom.

For most birds life is simply eating, drinking and raising their chicks. This bird finds a higher purpose which turns to a mission in her life. Through the nightmare of war, she comes to the realization that she needs to do something for healing the soul of humanity. With the help of her guide Yashir, she follows her dream to spread peace on earth.

This is a fable about the healing and raising the human consciousness on earth for peace on our planet. We are not helpless, each of us has a role and the story shows us the way.


Walking the Path of Compassion By Amit Ray

Walking the path of compassionOur life is a collection of moments. Each moment can be beautiful and powerful, when we walk in the path of compassion. Mostly we are unconscious about our relation to all the lives around us. In the book “Walking the Path of Compassion”, Dr. Ray explores many facets of compassion in everyday life.

He explores compassion as the source of inspiration and inner peace. He shows the ways to transform our fear, expectation, anger, regret, cravings, frustration, and fatigue into positive energy of love and compassion. Ray explains how to apply compassion to everything we encounter so we can transcend unconscious habits of misunderstanding that have imprisoned us for so long.

The book is a treasury of wisdom. He explains the process of healing through self-compassion. He talks about self-compassion, connecting with the moment, and how to deal with stress and negative emotions in loving, and gentle way. He shows the ways to connect with the fundamental goodness that we all have within us. The book describes the ways to develop confidence in your own wisdom.


Enlightenment Step by Step by Amit Ray

Enlightenment Step by StepEvery one of us has the potential to transform our consciousness to higher levels in our own way. For some people enlightenment happens suddenly. For some people enlightenment comes gradually and gracefully. Every one of us has the seed of enlightenment. Now the question is how we make it in our life. Enlightenment is not waiting for the stars to fall from the heaven.

Enlightenment is bringing greatness in our ordinary life. Enlightenment is bringing beauty in our words, actions, breath and thoughts. Enlightenment is unfolding our true divinity. Enlightenment is bringing sweetness in our relationships. Enlightenment is making friendship with the whole existence. Spiritual enlightenment is the transforming process that makes one kind, happy, and compassionate to the world.

Enlightenment is the ultimate evolution of human. There are twenty one mystical dimensions of consciousness. Enlightenment is abiding in the highest three dimensions of consciousness. Enlightenment is a systematic scientific process. If you follow certain steps, your consciousness will be changed; the hidden knots of your subtle body and mind will be released and the karmic database will be readjusted or removed. Enlightenment needs preparation for your body, mind and soul. This books talks about those steps in a circular way; so that you can easily follow them.


Beautify your Breath – Beautify your Life by Amit Ray

Beautify your Breath - Beautify your LifeThe quality of the breath is the quality of our health and mind. When we beautify our breath, we beautify our life. Breathing is our participation with the cosmic dance. When our breath is in harmony, cosmos nourishes us in every sense. Breath is pumping our heart, circulating our blood, and helping us to digest our food. When we sleep at night breath continues and we remain alive and next day we get up and participate in the celebration of life.

In this book Dr. Amit Ray explains how to beautify our life through the beautification of breathing. The book discusses several breathing techniques to remove the toxins from the body and mind.


Peace on the Earth – A Nuclear Weapons Free World by Amit Ray

Peace on the earth - A nuclear weapons free world

This book is towards making a safer and better world. It is a masterful and erudite guide on modern-day international peace, non-violence, and conflict resolution.

Diversities and differences are the strength of humanity not the weakness. Nuclear weapons cannot be an answer for any difference. Humanity needs many reforms and innovations to improve safety, security and human dignity. This book is about those reforms and innovations.

Protecting the earth and preserving the human race is not just duty of the United Nations, but it is the duty of every single sensible human being. Humanity’s purpose on the earth is to grow, spread love, peace and harmony in every direction. The great progress for humanity has always started with very few people. This book is to awaken the consciousness of those very few people. 

Techniques to improve quality of peace and the durability of peace are discussed. The book is divided into nine main chapters:

Transforming process of humanity
Transforming process of countries
The dangers and misuses of nuclear weapons
Limitations of United Nations
Power, Limitations and Roles of Individual Leaders
Creating global peace scopes and challenges
Supporting global peace beyond traditional protocols
Reforms and innovations through mass participation and social awakening
Humanity beyond nuclear weapons.

Compassionate Superintelligence AI 5.0 By Dr. Amit Ray

Compassionate Superintelligence AI 5.0

Compassionate Superintelligence AI 5.0

The book proposes a novel framework for compassionate superintelligence. It explains the five core technologies of compassionate superintelligence AI 5.0. They are: artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cellular reprogramming, brain-computer interface, and IoT.

It also explains the five characteristics of AI 5.0 are: Super-Intelligence, Super-Connectivity, Super-Compassion, Super-Creativity and Super-Consciousness. To achieve this aim the Dr. Ray proposes RayDeepCompassion framework and algorithms. It explains the design and behavioral principles of compassionate AI. The book also discusses six modules of computational artificial consciousness.

Humans and AI systems are co-evolving. Gradually they are becoming co-dependent. The gaps between human and AI systems are reducing. Establishing heart to heart communication is a must. Tomorrow’s AI based systems must be able to understand humans from its depth and not just fulfill the surface level requirements. Sensitivity towards human pain, mistakes, and sufferings must be the part of the evolving new AI systems.

Serving humanity intelligently is held up as the “gold standard” of AI based systems. But, with the emergence of new technologies and AI systems with bio-metric data storage, surveillance, tracking and big data analysis, humanity and the society is facing a threat today from evilly designed AI systems in the hands of monster governments and irresponsible people. Humanity is on the verge of digital slavery.

The real challenge is how to digitize and incorporate the human values like compassion, forgiveness, bravery, morality, love and creativity in AI based systems. In this book Dr. Ray explains compassionate artificial intelligence in depth. The book provides the blueprint, directions, frameworks and strategies to develop such compassionate artificial superintelligent systems in coming days.


Quantum Computing Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence By Dr. Amit Ray

TQuantum Algorithms for AI Bookhe book examined limitations and advantages of different machine learning algorithms in classical and quantum computing frameworks. It explained the ways to leverage the quantum properties of coherence, superposition, entanglement, and tunneling in the context of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. It explained the ten key properties of quantum machine learning. The book explained in depth the concepts of Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Programming, Quantum Neural Networks, Quantum Parametric Circuits, Quantum back-propagation principles, Quantum Support Vector Machines, Quantum CNN, Quantum Restricted Boltzmann Machines, Quantum LSTM, Quantum RNN, Quantum Deep Learning and Quantum Reinforcement Learning.

The book explained, details of Quantum Monte Carlo Tree Search (QMCTS), the quantum adaptive multi-stage sampling simulation optimization algorithm and its uses for estimating value functions through finite-horizon Quantum Markov decision processes (QMDPs). There are four main stages of our QMCTS are selection, expansion, simulation and backpropagation. Quantum selection and quantum backpropgation are key algorithms of our QMCTS framework. 

It also explains the details of Quantum Principal Component Analysis, Quantum State Learning, Quantum Meta-Learning (QML), Quantum Dynamical Descent (QDD), Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA), Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm (QAA). Finally, the book discuses the Quantum Learning in different hybrid architectures. 

Ray 114 Chakra System: Names, Locations and Functions – A Guidebook for Chakra Healing and Balancing

114 Chakra Book Amit Ray TeachingsThe book explains the 114 chakra system based on the truth as revealed to Sri Amit Ray in his deep meditations. The book is about connecting with the higher self and awakening the healing power and the divinity of every cell of the body. It talks about the spiritual healing and energy circuits in the body in detail.

The book is organized in six parts. Part one covers the fundamentals of seven chakras and the energy bodies, and other related foundational concepts.

Part two is the backbone of the book. It describes the names, locations, functions and the dynamics of the 114 chakras. Then, part three cover the immunity circuits, chakra micro environments, meditation pathways, yoga exercises, breathing exercises and other techniques for 114 chakra balancing and healing.

The part five of the book discusses the nine basic principles of chakra healing and balancing. The part six discusses the several meditation practices for 114 chakra balancing and healing.