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Dr. Amit Ray teaches life positive spirituality. His meditation techniques are designed to first release the accumulated stress, strain and anxiety of the body and mind, so that it is easier for you to experience the higher consciousness. His teachings encompasses both the timeless wisdom of ancient spirituality and the highest potential of modern neuroscience and other technologies. 

He teaches 114 Chakras guided meditationOm meditation, Vipassana meditation with emotional intelligence, Upanishadic  and non-duality, chakra balancing and third eye awakening, Nimitta meditation, Tattva meditation, Mindfulness meditation for growth mindset  Compassion and kindness meditation and other meditation techniques depending on the needs of the students. 

His teachings are profoundly simple and universal in nature. He teaches several deep meditation techniques for inner peace, success and happiness. Compassion, humanity, peace, love, non-violence, unity and awakening the divinity within, are the central themes of his teachings.


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Ray says “Spirituality is not adopting more beliefs and assumptions but uncovering the best in you. Spirituality is approaching all aspects of life with respect and love. When you do every activity of life with love and care, you are in touch with your Divine being. Small gestures of kindness go a long way. Peace, bliss, beauty, compassion and praise for others are the ways to radiate positive vibrations.”

His words illumine the mind. He says “Adore the beauty of life – adore the beauty of breath – adore the beauty of nature. The singing Sun the signing moon the singing stars and the singing galaxies are the direct expressions of the divine word Om . Adore the beauty of that binding force that keeps the stars, galaxies, relationships and everything in dynamic balance. ” Ray says “Focus your energy on the positive aspect of life and awaken the beauty of your heart.”

“Give time, give space to sprout your potential. Awaken the beauty of your heart – the beauty of your spirit. There are infinite possibilities.” — Amit Ray

He says “Observe your mental chatters. They are the seeds that make your destiny.” Mental chattering includes thoughts, ideas, fears, anxieties, daydreaming, etc. Normally, these inner dialogues are deeply associated with past memories. Mostly, they are unconscious and negative in nature. They just drain your energy. Ray says “Know your inner dialogue and beautify them with positive thoughts and positive feelings.”

The seven steps of his teachings are:

1. Compassion, Love and Care

Dr. Ray teaches deep compassion and love to establish link between the individual with the cosmic consciousness. He teaches value of truth, beauty and kindness to establish deepest connection between the individual and the Universal Love.

2. Non-Violence and Forgiveness

 He teaches how to bring compassion and non-violence in ordinary life. He teaches how non-violence can strengthen and empower you to direct the creative forces of the Universe for manifesting and regenerating your life on the physical level in a spiritual way. 

3. Deep Meditation – Transcending the Limits of the Senses

He teaches Deep Om meditation, Third eye awakening, Chakra balancing meditation and Vipassana Meditation.   His meditation techniques are simple. He shows ways to develop the pre-frontal cortex and to bring long-lasting equanimity and peace in life. 

4. Non-identification and Detachment

 He teaches the techniques of mindful leadership, non-doership and self-distancing, detachment and growth-mindset for success and growth in life. 

5. Radiating Peace and Positive Vibration

He teaches how to transcend the limitations of the mind and the senses. Dr. Ray teaches how to achieve the state of cosmic consciousness of bliss and no-mind through deep meditation. 

6. Oneness and Seeing God in Living Beings

He teaches how to access the cosmic Soul and feel oneness with the cosmos. 

7. Self-Realization 

“There are many goals but one path – the path of compassion.” – Amit Ray

“When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is so pure, so vast and so devastating that you have no option but to merge with it. You have no option but to feel the rhythm of the universe in the rhythm of your heart.” ~Amit Ray

Radiating positive vibration and deep peace is his core teaching. His message is profoundly simple: “Radiating peace is the  easiest way to transform yourself and transform the world.” It does not require any religion, organization, teacher or cult. Anyone and everyone can do that.

“May the Higher Self bring peace, bliss and happiness to your life. – Amit Ray

Daily Teachings and Related Posts:

Time Quantum Physics Brain and the Eternity

How is time related to quantum physics, brain, beauty, spirituality and eternity?  How time-symmetry, time-reversal plays their roles in quantum physics, 114 chakra system and deep spirituality? These are two questions I want to address today.

Time Quantum Physics Brain Enlightenment and the Eternity

"Beauty is the moment when time vanishes. Beauty is the space where eternity arises." -- Amit Ray

1. What is the reality of time?

Time is not a philosophy - it is a physics - it is not even a physics - it is the doorway to the breath, beauty and eternity.  Some physicist says time is an illusion. Some mathematician says time is just a geometrical structure. Hence, it varies from person to person. In deep meditation, one of our objectives is to transcend the limits of time, so that we can touch the reality. 

Chakras are the inner doorways to reach the eternity. KAla Chakra in our brain is one of the vital chakras in our 114 chakra system, to transcend the limits of the time. Similarly,  Viraja nadi in our brain is  one of the key energy channels in our 72000 nadi system to transcend the boundaries of the time. 


Heart Chakra Summary

How Heart Chakra Healing Can Improve Your life

Heart chakra makes people larger than life. Here, you will learn everything you wanted to know about the heart chakra: the affirmations, meditations, mantra, color, elements, symptoms, blockages, healing, and neuropsychology. The beauty of the heart center is that it motivates people to go out of their comfort zones and do something for the well being of humanity and the other beings.

The heart center doesn't work independently. It works collaboratively with the other 114 chakras and the different brain regions. Concentration on this chakra increases Sankalpa Shakti, the power to fulfilling the divine purpose of life without obstacle. Meditation on this chakra increases equanimity, joy, loving-kindness and clarity of mind.

Heart Chakra The Anahata Chakra the 4th Chakra

Heart Chakra The Anahata Chakra or the 4th Chakra

The seven chakras are the primary energy centres of the body. The heart chakra is also known as the Anahata chakra or the 4th chakra. You've probably heard people talk about "unblocking the heart chakra", which refers to the idea of the expansion of the heart energy. When your heart chakra is properly active and open, your divine energy can bring a positive transformation in your life and in many lives. 


Sri Amit Ray Teachings on Sanjivani Vidya and Urja Vidya for Immunity and Spirituality

How Sanjivani Vidya and Ayurveda can Boost your Immunity and Spirituality

Sri Amit Ray talks about Sanjivani Vidya, Urja Vidya  and Ayurveda to enhance your immunity, healing power and spirituality.  The eleven key immunity chakras and eleven key healing herbs are discussed. This article is for the students, who have attended the Ray 114 Chakra meditation course


Sanjivani Vidya and Urja Vidya for Immunity and Spirituality Amit Ray Teachings

Sanjivani Vidya gives huge spiritual energy for deep meditation. Sanjivani Vidya is vital for getting up early in the morning especially at 3:45 AM and for deep  ishvara pranidhana - realizing the supreme truth.  Urja Vidya is necessary for developing concentration, patience, mental clarity, and creativity.  Both of them are associated with immunity and mental strength. 

Ayurved and Sanjivani Vidya

In ancient oral tradition of Ray Ayurveda, there are seven protocols to improve your immunity, health and spirituality. These seven Ayurveda protocols are the seven ways to study the herbs, human body system, the 114 chakras and 72000 nadis, and the diseases.  Among these seven Ayurveda protocols, the following three protocols are very important for immunity, health and healing. The first one is the traditional vata-pitta-kapha protocol (Dhatu Vidya). The other two vital protocols are Sanjivani pathway protocol (Sanjivani Vidya), and the Urja pathway protocol (Urja Vidya). Today, I will discuss mainly the Sanjivani pathway protocol and the Urja pathway protocols, which are studied to improve immunity in inline with the 114 chakras in human body.


Leadership from Inner Being: Overcoming the Blind Spots

Leadership from Inner Being: Overcoming the Blind Spots

Sri Amit Ray  explains the concept of leadership from inner being. He also describes how to overcome the blind spots in leadership and decision making processes.

Leadership begins with a simple human gesture and that is to inspire others, and to inspire others you must feel integrated, harmonious and whole. When you are disconnected with your Inner Being, you don't feel solid and whole in yourself. When you are connected with your Inner Being, you feel integrated, harmonious and whole.

Here, by inner dimensions I mean inner strength, inner vision - the expanded consciousness beyond the small ego which considers him or her self separate from the rest.  On the Physical body level we have emotional blockages. When you are connected with your Inner Being, you feel integrated, harmonious and whole. When you operate from your Inner Being you can overcome the mundane emotional blockages that drags you down. Through meditation, mindfulness and positive mindset we can get connection with our Inner Being. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are the examples of leadership from Inner Being.

Leadership from Inner Being By Sri Amit Ray

Authentic Leadership and Inner Dimensions:

We can consistently inspire others when we are authentic - authentic to ourselves and authentic to others. Authenticity is the single most important principle of leadership. Authenticity comes from our deeper inner dimensions. It comes from our core values, principles, and life experiences.

To be a good leader you must be authentic to your current state of development as well as to your potential state of development.  In cryptography, authenticity means messages that received by A are actually sent by B - there is no noise, error or loss of information. In leadership, authenticity means what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. There should not be any  contradiction, confusion or doubt. Today's best leaders are authentic leaders. They are connected with their inner being, which guides them in their daily actions and enables them to earn the trust of their subordinates, peers, and shareholders. 


Impact of Om Chanting Om Meditation on Brain and Heart - Amit Ray

Stress Relief and Heart Rate Variability with Om Meditation

Stress Relief and Heart Rate Variability with Om Meditation

Sri Amit Ray explains how om meditation and Om chanting is related to heart rate variability and stress relief.

Your heart rate is constantly changing to meet various requirements of your body and mind. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures how your heart rate varies over time. Generally, heart rate variability increases during relaxation and recovering activities and decreases during stress and anxiety. HRV reflects the changes in the interval between heartbeats (R wave) over time.

Broadly speaking there are seven types of Om meditation. The impact of these meditations on stress level varies from person to person. HRV measurement just after different Om meditations can help you to assess the impact of your personalized meditation techniques on stress relief. 

Due to advancement of new  sensor technologies, smartphone apps, and accessibility to high-quality wearable technology, you can measure your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) at your home and easily monitor your stress level and study the impact of Om chanting or Om meditation and other personalized meditation practices at your own, without referring to any complicated research articles.  

Generally, higher fitness levels results in increased HRV and lower fitness levels results in decreased HRV. High HRV is normally viewed as an indicator of a healthy heart.  HRV is commonly higher when your heart is beating slowly with in-built relaxation. HRV decreases as your heart beats more quickly. HRV decreases under conditions of acute time pressure and emotional strain and elevated state of anxiety, mostly related to focused attention. 

Stress Relief and Heart Rate Variability with Om Meditation By Dr Amit Ray
Stress Relief and Heart Rate Variability with Om Meditation

Om Meditation Om Chanting Amit Ray BookDay-to-day normal level of stress is fine, but chronic stress is dangerous. If you become stressed and don’t sleep well in the night, you may see your HRV values are gradually lowering. Higher HRV is associated with stronger vagus nerve function, lower chronic stress levels, better overall health, and improved cognition.

Heart rate is the number of heartbeats per minute, while heart rate variability (HRV) is the fluctuation in the time intervals between the heartbeats. HRV measures beat-to-beat variability over a wide range of time. HRV gives better understanding about how much time our body needs to get back to normal state after an intense work activities or stress. HRV is a measure of our resilience.

Heart Rate Variability Levels
Heart Rate Variability Levels in  0 to 10 Scale.

Stress, HRV and OM Chanting

Excessive uncertainty and ambiguity in modern first-living life style leads to excessive stress. Om meditation is an easy way to transform the stress energy into positive life force. We will discuss here, the science behind these ancient and  secret meditation techniques. 


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