How to Rediscover Your True Self and Transform the Darkness into Light

How to Rediscover Your True Self and Transform the Darkness into Light

Rediscover Your True Self – Transform the Darkness into Light

You are, inherently, whole and pure. Stress, strain, conflict, and other hurtful experiences may have covered your naturally intact core, but you can recover it.  You can work from your inner resources and uncover your true Self and you can transform your darkness into light. Dr. Amit Ray here explains the power of Cosmic Self meditation for higher alignment with the pure Cosmic Self for happy and fulfilling life.  

Rediscover Your True Self  Transform the Darkness into Light by Sri Amit Ray

Power of Self-completing:

Self-completing means finding the light within and thereby aligning with the cosmic light. Meditation on cosmic Self, is the best way to align with the cosmos. Individual self is incomplete without its deep connection with the cosmic Self.  Our Cosmic Self meditation techniques aim to reunify the individual with cosmos.  Fulfillment comes when you free yourself from the artifices and regain original naturalness.

Once you rediscover your simplest and purest Self, your operations within the material world become effortless. You become harmonize with the cosmos. 

“Individual self is incomplete without its deep connection with the cosmic Self.  Cosmic Self meditation techniques aim to reunify the individual with cosmos.” — Amit Ray

Union with the cosmic Self

Union with the cosmic Self is not reserved for an elite of spiritual seekers. You don’t need to renounce the worldly life and isolating into unnecessary complexity. Self-completion lies right in front of your nose. The attitude with which you carry out your activities in daily life can turn anything from serving tea to sweeping the yard, into an act of fulfillment. Recognizing the presence of cosmic Self in everything, and operating in consciousness with this realization, is the essence of our cosmic Self meditation. You will realize that you are complete as you experience  the present moment. Who Am I meditation is a special seven step technique to realize the cosmic Self. 

Connecting the Energy Points with the Cosmos

The internal meditation process requires a firing process, which consists of moving vital energy through the human energetic metabolism. You energy points are distributed across the body some are blocked and some are open. There are 114 energy points and 72000 energy channels in human body.  There are energy points under the soles of the feet, in the palms of the hands, and at the crown of the head. They serve to expel old vital energy, and absorb fresh refined energy into the body.  A human being is healthy when pure vital energy runs fluidly through all energetic structures. Vital energy flow supplies the body and its organs with balanced sun and moon energies. “As within, so without” applies to everything, because everything is informed by the same underlying Truth.

“Life is not a discrete phenomena. It is a part of an intelligent cosmic field.
It is a cosmic dance.” — Amit Ray

How Energy Points Get Blocked

Mostly, stress, strain, anxiety and depressions in life create these blockages. Blockages in the energy channels are often due to the limited beliefs you have created about yourself and others. The blockages in the flow of energy can manifest as disease and other problems.  Energy blockage is the stuff you have taken  unconsciously most of the time from the conditioning of your parents, religion teachers,  friends, teachers and society. Sometimes, wrong meditation techniques,  worship of prophets who had diseases create blockage in the system and stops the cosmic flow of energy. 

How to Remove the Blockages of Energy Flow

Whatever may be the cause of energy blockage, you can clean, lighten, transmute, and release the blocked energy. There are three types of balancing: energy point (chakra) balancing, energy channel (nadi) balancing and energy vibration (nada) balancing. Above these three is the balancing through cosmic Self meditation. Some of the common techniques of  energy point balancing or chakra balancing are: non-judgmental awareness, mindfulness meditation, yoga exercises, Om meditation, chakra meditation, breathing exercises, mantra cosmic vibration meditation.  Cosmic Self meditation is a higher level balancing technique. 

Final Thoughts

We are all just one big mass of flowing energy and the unchanging consciousness. Our interactions in the world are just an exchange of energy. This energy system is responsible for making us feel vital and healthy, not just on a physical level but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well. Cosmic Self meditation techniques connect you to your pure, magnificent spirit of your inner being forever and brings total well-beings in life.

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