Who Am I Meditation to Realize your true Potential the Cosmic Self

Who Am I meditation is the journey to realize the pure Cosmic Self. Many people think, who Am I meditation is just chanting the mantra “I am not the mind”, “I am not the body”. But in reality it is far away from that.  Here, Sri Amit Ray explains the steps of Who Am I meditation. He explained the steps, pitfalls and destination of Who Am I meditation.  

Who Am I Meditation Sri Amit Ray

Who AM I meditation is a way of penetrating and exploring the inner realms so as to achieve silence, spiritual wisdom and communion with the higher Self. It is a way to move into the inner world. The self can be realized by the Self alone with pure intention, love and intellect. Who AM I meditation is gradual process of dis-identifying from your body, mind, and the feelings. The Who Am I meditations has seven steps to settle your mind in peace and realize the deeper Divine Self. 

“Who Am I meditation is allowing the mind to drop and settle in the inner being like a falling leaf of a tall tree. It is like observing the full moon in a silent lake, where there is no ripple, no thoughts.” — Amit Ray 
Meditation on cosmic Self, is the best way to align with the cosmos. Individual self is incomplete without its deep connection with the cosmic Self.  Our Who Am I and  Cosmic Self meditation techniques aim to reunify the individual with cosmos. 

Preparation for Who Am I Meditation

Honestly, to understand the depth of Who I am, you need to prepare yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This preparation doesn’t need any philosophical gym. You only need to prepare yourself for surrender, trust, love and realization of deep silence and beauty of your inner Self.

The first step of Who AM I meditation is the purification of the mind. When your mind is free from the ego, when it is filled with positive feelings, you can experience the benefit of chanting the mantra “I am not the mind”, “I am not the body”. Your thoughts and words are the mirror images of your soul. You will always be successful if your feelings are positive, pure and Divine. Divinity means you know that the Cosmic energy of love is the only doer. You have deep responsibility but no doership. 

Surrender to the Absolute

We must empty if we want the Cosmic Self to fill us. We must be able to give ourselves so completely that the Cosmic Self must be able to posses us. Total surrender to the Self involves loving trust. You are not alone, the total cosmic Self is always is taking caring of you. Only your ego creates barricades and barriers.  Ego has four elements: fear, negative thoughts, attachment and aversion. Ego survives on fear. Surrender to the ABSOLUTE is art of dissolving the ego. Surrender to the divine cosmic God consciousness should be total, fully, without any counting the cost, without any examination, without any reservations.Unless your words, your thoughts, and your actions are interwoven with love and compassion, Who Am I meditation is meaningless. 

Nature of the Cosmic Self

We are here to witness the love and to celebrate life, because the life is created in the image of the Cosmic Self. Cosmic Self is full with happiness, love and celebration. All sufferings are due to ignorance of the Self and the limited belief and deep dependence on others, emotionally and spiritually. Cosmic Self is everywhere, if you are in really in love with yourself, your love will be reflected in your words, thoughts and work.  Who Am I is interwoven with deep love, compassion towards the world and the silence of your inner world. 

Who Am I? The Journey

Who am I? You are that ultimate truth. You can call it Om, Cosmic Self or Absolute Truth etc. You are not the limited being.  Nothing can change that. Words, intellect and concepts can never reach that. It is the perfect silence without vibration. In this journey you can start with “Neti Neti” negates all the changing aspects of the reality. You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are not the feelings. You are not the perceptions. You are not your ideas. You are not your ideologies. You are not your circumstances.  You are the absolute pure being – the Ultimate Reality. The second step is accepting everything as divine.  Take a deep breath and listen to our inner voice and realign your inner world with outer world. Everything is divine. Divisions are only temporary illusions. Outer world is the expression of your inner Truth. Both are equally divine and auspicious. 

“In reality, Who Am I meditation is to understand and realize your deep connection with the trees, earth, air, sky, stars, environment, existence and the whole cosmos. It is realizing your connection with the unchanging reality of Truth. It is accepting the whole cosmos as one organism.” — Amit Ray

Obstacles in Who Am I Meditation

When you practice Who Am I meditation, you can come across many subtle thoughts and visions that have been stored away in your subconscious mind. You can develop attachments or aversion for them. However, you should try to remain detached, because they are the obstacles for your deeper journey. 

Remember that all psychic experiences are important in your journey but they are unreal. They are not ultimate and they can misguide you. Do not crave them. Allow them to pass. All these psychic experiences and visions indicates that there are tensions, anxieties or suppression in your subconscious mind are getting released.  They may come out in meditation or dream. Remember they can do no harm. With careful observation they will pass away. 

During the time of meditation, innumerable thoughts of past and future, duties and responsibilities, likes and dislikes, anger, depressions may come. Dis-identify yourself from these thoughts. Just witness the thoughts. You may just witness the breath patterns to get out of the destruction of mind.

Communication with the Inner Self

Wherever you are, your mind should be focused on Self without being distracted by normal thoughts and other matters. Solitude is total communion with your inner self. God is all-pervasive, where is the need to go in search of that Truth? Our heart is the best instrument to communicate with the Cosmic Self. You should make efforts to look inward and experience your innate Divinity by observing total silence. 

Realization of the Self

Our body and mind are like limited pots. When the walls of these limited pots are broken, the space within them becomes unlimited. So also when we transcend  our limited body and mind through silence and effortless inquiry then the limited self merges with the Cosmic Self  and become eternal, divine and unattached.  It is the ultimate oneness and realizing it, is the ultimately purpose of human life. Who Am I journey is not only realizing your pure awareness but also developing your deep compassion for the world. 

Who Am I Online Skype Meditation

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