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GPUs and Deep Learning for Compassionate Artificial Intelligence

GPUs and Deep Learning for Compassionate Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Amit Ray discusses how GPUs and deep learning can be used for developing complex modules of the compassionate artificial intelligence. GPUs and cloud TPUs made complex deep learning of artificial intelligence possible in laptop, PC and smartphone. They made complex deep learning possible for research labs and smaller companies across the world. They provided a lot more computing power and efficiency for complex matrix operations and parallel processing. 

GPUs and TPUs for Deep Learning 

One of AI’s biggest potential benefits is to keep humanity healthy, happy and free from inequalities and slavery. The role of AI is gradually changing. It is shifting from typical object recognition or diagnosis tool, to complex human like powerful integrated compassionate care giving systems. Compassionate AI is one area where AI is beginning to take strong hold. Here, Dr. Ray explains the implementation of deep learning modules of integrated compassionate care giving systems with GPUs and TPUs . 

Compassionate AI GPUs and Deep LearningTraining of complex compassionate artificial intelligence modules requires deep learning neural networks. Training of compassionate modules are more time‐consuming compared to shallow learning models of AI. They may take months, weeks, days or hours depending on the size of training set and model architecture. This is because the number of computational steps increases rapidly with the number of elements in the matrix.… Read more..