Resilience Building Master Course With 21 Chakras

There are 21 chakras in our body which are deeply related to resilience building. When some chakras are unbalanced, underactive, or overactive, you may feel fear, anger, frustration, guilt, inadequacy, low self-esteem, insecurity, and a lack of decision-making capability. However, when the 21 resilience-related chakras are in balance, you get better life satisfaction, emotional stability, and happiness.

Resilience gives you the capacity to handle the odd things of life efficiently. Resilience allows you to plan, monitor, and manage your behavior, allowing you to respond to adversity with adaptability and thrive successfully. It gives you motivation, a sense of purpose, better performance, and self-efficiency in every situation.

With emotional resilience, you can not only deal with the situation effectively; you can also safeguard yourself from the emotional devastation and drainage of mental energies. Resilient individuals drive healthy coping styles and are better equipped to meet the challenges of life.

There is a positive correlation between resilience, life satisfaction, and leadership skills. There are 114 chakras in human body, this resilience building course is focused on the 21 primary chakras.

This is a 9-week resilience development course. This course was originally developed for some of our meditation students who work in different fields of life, such as students, CEOs, sports personalities, and software professionals, but now it is available for everyone.… Read more..

Online Vipassana Meditation and Emotional Intelligence Class

Vipassana meditation techniques and its relation with emotional intelligence are discussed. Self-awareness, Self-regulation and Self-confidence are the key components of emotional intelligence and your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively and harmoniously with them are the essence of emotional intelligence. Vipassana meditation is the time-tested and the most ancient way for developing Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Adaptability, Empathy, Witnessing and Social Skills. You will also learn Neuroscience of Vipassana Meditation and Emotional Intelligence. This workshop teaches integrated meditation techniques that combines time-tested ancient Vipassana meditation techniques along with modern science-backed practices that are proven for leadership, creativity, emotion control, developing grey matter in the brain, improving focus, concentration and memory, and resist the shortening of telomeres in your gene which enhances health and longevity.